Eagle and the Worm – Futureman / Goodtimes (2010 EP)


Describing sound is a difficult thing to do, and with Melbourne 9-piece Eagle & the Worm the best I can come up with is chilled out chaos. Led by Jarrad Brown (Custom Kings and Your Animal), Eagle & the Worm have reinvented the happy-go-lucky acid infused tunes of the 70’s with their gem of a debut Futureman/Goodtimes.

This eclectic troupe of vagabonds owe a lot to The Rolling Stones and the wondrous David Bowie, however their tripped out old school sound is a welcome addition to the local music scene.

Their lead single “Futureman” is a whirlwind of piano, brass and synthetic noise that gives a 21st century spin to good old classic rock ’n’ roll. This is one track that is sure to bring a smile to your face as the laid-back delicious vibe overwhelms you with memories of summer’s past, and excitement for the party times yet to come.

“Goodtimes”, meanwhile, has an alluring sense of ’cool’ that makes me want to inhale a pack of Marlboro’s, sip mojito’s on a beach and let the music take over. Brown has assembled a group of talented musician’s who know their shit and seem to have a lot of fun creating kick arse catchy tunes. Eagle & the Worm and their unadulterated happiness are set to brighten up your winter with their sun drenched piece of bliss.

Be sure to check out their live show as they tour the nation with Dan Kelly and The Gin Club in June. 

Review Score: 6/10