Album Review: Violent Soho’s Everything Is A-OK is a welcome accompaniment to any Sunday Sesh on the deck

Violent Soho

This album could not be more aptly titled with everything that is happening around Australia right now. One of Brisbane’s biggest alt-rock bands Violent Soho are releasing their fifth studio album, Everything Is A-OK today.

However, in light of current circumstances, things are going to be played out a little differently this time. A national album tour, and launch night is so par se, so 2019, so been there done that. The new vibe is live streaming, baby. Tune in from your couch via Violent Soho’s Facebook or YouTube later today at 4.20pm QLD time (5.20pm AEDT), to join in the biggest live stream listening session in Australia. The four band members will stream their new album and take questions from fans throughout. Your Friday arvo in isolation sorted.

So, what can you expect from Everything Is A-OK? You may have already heard one of their earlier released tracks, “Vacation Forever”. It’s probably how some of your forced staycations feel right now. The track clocked in at #69 on the most recent Triple J Hottest 100. That number speaks a lot about the album as a whole. Though it won’t be a top tenner, it’s a welcome accompaniment to any Sunday Sesh on the deck.

“It’s honest,” explains guitarist/vocalist Luke Boerdam. “It doesn’t claim to be anything it’s not: it’s apolitical, slacker, cynical, and trying to connect with people over a shared experience in pointing out society’s failures and the personal shit that follows.” Also on the bill, another track released fresh this year. “Pick It Up Again” is the inspirational life lesson from an unlikely source you didn’t know you needed.

Even though Boerdan says this album is about his experiences over the last few years, there’s a punctuality and instantaneousness that can be drawn from this album.


Everything is A-OK is released today. Stream the album or grab a copy HERE.

Your Friday arvo plans have been saved courtesy of Violent Soho. Have an iso-party to remember and tune in via Violent Soho’s Facebook or YouTube this evening at 4.20pm QLD time (5.20pm AEDT) for a live listening party. 

Header Photo: Sean Pyke