Album Review: Old Cities – Old Cities I (2018 EP)

Sydney based artist Old Cities’ self-titled debut EP was released on Friday, mixed and produced by the man himself, Jordi White.

Old Cities I paints the last 10 years of White’s life, written and recorded around the globe, each song embellished by these distinct influences. The EP carries an anthemic design, conjuring comparisons to Coldplay, Gang of Youths and City Calm Down. Pulsing guitars and commanding lyrics elevate listeners in “Prague” and “Take Flight”, before plunging them into what White describes as “some pretty dark moments” through the atmospheric intimacy he orchestrally forges in “Again” and “Miles.” The EP embodies the ambience that a literal old city nurtures through White’s delicate production, flooding melodies and lyrical sensibility.

His most recent single “Prague” shocked me into having to double check I was actually listening to the newcomer. The opening guitar melody is piercingly powerful, and the chorus follows to boast a mantra of age old experience.  This EP is being released in two parts and we will wait patiently (or not) for more of these captivating harmonies, teased by White.

These days we constantly see people associate “mainstream” music with being uncool. Unfortunately, pop music has been dragged through this mess and now often has negative connotations attached to it.  It’s great to see Old Cities join the recent charge of young Australians like Riley Pearce and Kyle Lionhart, reinvigorating pop and making it cool again.

Old Cities’ first single “I’ll See Her Again” grabbed media attention when shortlisted for Vanda and Young’s songwriting competition. Jordi White has been round the world and back again since then, with his production skills and songwriting travelling leaps and bounds alongside him.  This cements Old Cities as one to watch in the Australian music scene and makes him anything but old news.


Old Cities is out now. For more details about he artist, head to his Facebook Page.

You’ll be able to catch Old Cities in Sydney at the Listen Up Music Songwriter’s Festival on September 28. For more info about the event and to get your hands on tickets click HERE.