US Pokémon Go player becomes the first to catch ’em all.

While we’d all like to think we’re Pokémon masters in our own right, one player in the US can now officially claim that title after apparently completing Pokémon Go‘s the current North American Pokédex.
Reddit user ftb_hodor posted to the official Pokemon Go subreddit, showing proof that they had caught all 142 Pokémon currently available in North America. An impressive feat to be sure, though there are nine more monsters that have proven to be rather elusive so far — Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew. These last six aren’t too surprising as they are currently considered to be among the very rarest monsters in the game globally, so rare in fact that no-one has recorded a confirmed sighting of them yet. As for the remaining three, the going theory is that they are all region-specific. Kangaskhan is suspected to be an Oceanic exclusive, while Farfetch’d can only be found in Asian countries. Mr. Mime is apparently quite common in Western Europe.

ftb_hodor caught a total of 4,269 Pokémon to complete their collection. They hatched 303 eggs and covered 153 kilometres on foot in around two weeks. The last Pokémon to be added to his Pokédex was Omanyte, which he later evolved into an Omastar.

In amongst all that Pokémon-hunting, ftb_hodor says they were working 50-hours a week. Based in New York City, they were able to reach Level 31 by loitering near four close-knit Pokéstops across from Central Park.

Congrats to ftb_hodor on their victory. We’re still keeping our eyes peeled for those legendaries.


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