the AU interview: Rory Dooley (Ultimate Ears) speaks about new Logitech speakers, the future of technology and more

  • Debbie Carr
  • January 22, 2015
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Ultimate Ears is expanding their already impressive line of mobile speakers with the introduction of the UE MEGABOOM. This is the real deal, fronting the next generation of portable wireless speakers that don’t skip on sound quality. With a list of features from easy wireless updates to a 20 hour rechargable battery life, the UE MEGABOOM is made for convenient use that ‘blasts freakishly amazing sound!’

Larry Heath interviewed Rory Dooley from Ultimate Ears about their new line, the creative process behind it all, what he predicts for the future of technology and what songs are currently playing on his UE MEGABOOM…

In coming to Australia, how do you feel our marketplace compares to rest of the world for your products? Do some products work better here than others?

Australia is a great market for our products in general but we can also say that Australia adopts new technology quickly and so it’s one of the markets we look to when we want to enter new categories or try new concepts. The population concentration really helps us to learn fast what works and does not work. Our outdoor oriented products(such as the UE BOOM) work extremely well here.

What makes Logitech an inspiring place to work?

Logitech is an inspiring place to work because of the people and the passion our people bring to their work. When you combine great people with a unique passion, you can create some really amazing products and this keeps fuelling the cycle!

How do you feel Ultimate Ears is positioned amongst the general portable audio marketplace?

Ultimate Ears has a very unique position in the marketplace today for portable audio marketplace. We designed the UE BOOM to be a product for the modern music ecosystem – a speaker that’s proud to sit front and centre and take the knocks of everyday living – and allow you to share your music with those around you as you engage in your passions – sitting and relaxing in the backyard, riding a mountain bike, beach party etc. But we also designed it to get better over time with frequent updates to add new features and unlock new experiences – life-proof, future-proof and always ready to with you on the next adventure. It’s a great mix that makes us unique.

What is it about the latest model that you find the most exciting? What sets it apart from the rest?

The latest model has incredible sound – really amazing when you consider its size and weight. So sound first! The fact that it can now be updated wirelessly is really exciting also. We will unlock new experiences over time and being able to now do this “over the air” is really awesome.

What do you feel lies in the future for Logitech and ultimate ears?

For Logitech at large, the future will see us creating amazing experiences which will be very much Design led – and our products will get smarter and smarter to adapt themselves to the consumer’s environment more and more. For ultimate ears, we see ourselves transforming how people consumer music out in the world!

And for the marketplace in general? How much more advanced can these products get? Is there a limit to the development of the technology?

I really believe these types of product have a long way to go in terms of their smartness and how they improve over time – at any moment in time technology has limitations but I see a long runway ahead for this category of product.

Of all the products you’ve worked with over the years, what’s been your Favourite and why?

I’ve worked on a lot of products that I’m proud of over the years but my favourite is the UE BOOM – we really had to think differently to make this happen and challenge ourselves like never before and push the limits on so many different aspects – packaging, communication, out of box experience, Industrial design and many more.

What artist/band do you think sounds the best on your product? (You’re welcome to pick a few!)

I would not say that any artist sounds better than another on the UE MEGABOOM or UE BOOM – what I will say is that the product creates many great moments because of the enhanced ability to share music in so many new environments. So this week we’ve all got a little bit into Bastille and Dave Brubeck as I’ve been playing them a lot. In a fun way, we added an alarm feature (to both BOOM and MEGABOOM) and this creates great morning moments for me and my wife when I am at home – wake up to some great music and then take it to the shower. This morning in Sydney I woke up to an awesome version of the ABBA classic Dancing Queen by Luka Bloom – in this case a solitary but nonetheless really happy moment enabled by Ultimate Ears!

For more information on the new UE MEGABOOM head to their official website HERE. The technology is available in Australia from mid-February from stockists JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, and more. RRP $349.95.

Interview by Larry Heath

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