Customise ‘Til Your Heart’s Content in the Upcoming Saints Row Reboot

We recently got to check out some footage from the upcoming Saints Row reboot, an admittedly intensive presentation that boasted an incredible level of customisation and detail. The footage gave us a glimpse of the endless and granular customisation options within the game from vehicles, weapons, your broader empire and of course, character customisation. Being able to customise these aspects of each iteration has been a big part of the franchise’s history, so it is impressive to see the developers embracing even more of the absurdity and chaos this time around.

The Empire will serve as the player’s home base. You’ll be able to unlock more customisation options as your general influence grows and you acquire more power. While we didn’t get much more of a look at this aspect of empire growth, we’re confident we’ll know much more in the coming months.

Collecting and customising vehicles and weapons are getting the same deep and varied options, complete with a number of stickers and paint jobs that players can mix and match thanks to the Jim Rob’s body shop within your home base. You will also be able to upgrade and customise various aspects of the shop for increased performance. If that wasn’t enough, you can now change the appearance of your weapons. Yes, you heard that right.  Weapons can now be customised to appear as random objects, be it to make guns appear less intimidating or more humorous; we’re going with the latter here. Vehicles including cars, jets, helicopters and even golf carts can be fully customised to make them faster, with the added ability to shoot the player via an ejection seat and increase their firepower.

The Saints Row character creator tools allows a near endless combination of suitably wild and whacky options. There is even an option to create an in-game version of yourself, in case you’re looking to immerse yourself even further into the action. If going weird and wild is more your thing, my desire for an oiled up dad bod with an off-brand Shrek head is about to become a reality. You can really pick and choose every piece of clothing right down to your socks. As you recruit members for your gang, you’ll soon find that they are also customisable, along with their weapons and vehicles. Check it out for yourself in the trailer below:

Saints Row will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Epic Games on August 23, 2022.