Melbourne Fringe Review: Bonnie Curtis’s GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is confronting, imaginative and refreshingly honest

Being a woman in this modern age can suck. The expectation to keep that waist small, to get those likes on instagram and to have those Kylie Jenner-esque lips. The expectation to be more or less perfect. It’s unreasonable, isn’t it? Sometimes the way we move about in society and the pressures we put on ourselves and on others to fit the stereotype is detrimental to our mental and physical health, and Bonnie Curtis‘s contemporary exploration is ready to knock those stereotypes to the curb.

Challenging the long-established concepts about the ways in which women should act and behave, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS was engaging, confronting, honest and absolutely bursting with talent. When we first walked into the hazy room, the girls were all standing like mannequins and we were told to dress them however we liked from the pile of clothes in the middle of the stage. The interactive beginning was hilarious, with our audience giggling like children as we wrapped the girls in tutus and spidermen masks. When we sat down, what came next was intriguing, different but amazing nonetheless.

Diving through songs and dance pieces that broke down the walls of body image expectations and our internalised fears, the show rang familiar very quickly for me and no doubt many of the other women in the audience. The dance pieces were choreographed relatively well and showed the girl’s doubtless talent through a mass of classical and eclectic contemporary, along with manic, uncomfortably straightforward acting that included a range of characters, expression and the genuine exploration of the life of a modern day woman.

An experience that was eye opening, thoughtful and addresses ideas about body image that will remain lasting even after the show has concluded.


GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS was created by Bonnie Curtis in collaboration with her cast. More information can be found on her website HERE.

This review attended the performance on the 29th of September at The Space Dance and Arts Centre. 


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