Day: 9 October 2012

the AU interview at Culture Collide: Patrick Wolf (UK)

A recent visitor to our shores, Patrick Wolf talked to Larry Heath before a show at Culture Collide in Los Angeles about the new record, the pressure of Major Labels, and wanting to thank every fan who covers his songs…

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Album Review: Stone Parade – The Mulgoa Sessions (2012 EP) – 09.10.12

Stone Parade have been around the Sydney music scene for a fairly long time and have undergone several changes in their musical style in that timeframe. The Mulgoa Sessions is a 3-track EP that suggests yet another change in musical direction for this band.

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the AU [audio] interview at Culture Collide: Dan Haggis from The Wombats (Liverpool)

While at Culture Collide in Los Angeles, I caught up with Dan Haggis, the drummer from Liverpool’s The Wombats to talk about the difficulties trying to break the US market, the success they’ve had in Australia, Gongs, Tambourines, Austin City Limits and much more…

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