CMJ announces first round of daytime speakers for 2014 event!

The first round of daytime speakers for CMJ 2014 has been announced! The New York music industry conference which will be taking over NYU's Helen and Martin Kimmel Center this October will feature the likes of Zola Jesus, Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance (Superchunk) and more in conversation, with all badgeholders invited to attend!

Courtney Barnett, D.D Dumbo, Dune Rats, King Gizzard, DMA's, Luluc & more Australians head to NYC for CMJ 2014!

DMA's are coming for you New York. Are you ready?

Yes, it's that time already. The annual CMJ Music Marathon is coming to New York City in less than two months - and that means it's time for us to get a first taste of the bands who'll be gracing the event come October 21st. And that includes no less than 11 (and a half) Australian bands... with tonnes more to come!

Feature: I Still Call Australia Home, CMJ Version, or Why Internet Streaming Is A Good Thing (Part Two)

Rishe Groner returns with part two of her look back at some of her Australian musical highlights of CMJ 2013 in New York City. You can find part one HERE which also features an epic introduction to this two part series!

the AU interview: Elizabeth Rose (Sydney) talks the Good Life.

Currently on tour to celebrate her new single "The Good Life" we talk to Sydney producer Elizabeth Rose about the track, the tour, her recent trip to the USA for CMJ and more...

Feature: I Still Call Australia Home, CMJ Version, or Why Internet Streaming Is A Good Thing (Part One)

While our intrepid reporter’s kept you regaled with his tales of a CMJ week, I thought it’d be remiss if we didn’t share the other side of things: For those us who are subject to your green-tinged tweets of envy, as we sit perched atop our high horses of New-York-smugness built with the glue of a thousand mousetraps and the sweat of a bajillion Brooklyn-subway-chasing-treks, we don’t just consistently shun you non-believers who live within a cooe of Rexona deodorant, Carlton Draught and Lucas Papaw cream.

My CMJ Mix-Tape: Top 5 from Philippe Perez

Last week we recovered from the incredible time in New York that was the CMJ Music Marathon. Now with a bit of time to take a deep breath and reflect on our time over there, we've put together a bit of a mix-tape for you with some of our favourite artists and discoveries from the event. Here now, courtesy of Philippe Perez, are his top 5 tracks from the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon.

the AU interview at CMJ: Kirin J Callinan (Sydney)

the AU review's Larry Heath sits down with Australia's Kirin J Callinan at The Aussie BBQ at CMJ to talk about the surprise success of his debut solo record Embracism, VISA troubles, his experiences touring the US and Europe, what it means to come back to Australia and we look towards Laneway Festival 2014. Plus, we find out what happens when a show is more of a "disaster" than a success.

the AU interview at CMJ: Geoffrey O'Connor (Melbourne)

the AU review catches up with Geoffrey O'Connor from Melbourne while he was at The Aussie BBQ during CMJ in New York City. We talk about his New York experience, find out what he's up to at the moment and more.

the AU interview at CMJ: Ghost Wave (New Zealand)

the AU review sits down with Ghost Wave from New Zealand while at CMJ, to talk about CMJ, playing churches and more in LA during Culture Collide... and find out about their latest music and plans for the rest of the year...

the AU interview at CMJ: Maria Taylor (Birmingham, Alabama)

the AU review chats to Birmingham, Alabama based artist Maria Taylor to talk about the release of her new album "Something About Knowing" (out October 29th) and much more at CMJ 2013.

the AU interview at CMJ: Chevonne and The Fuzz (New Jersey)

the AU review chats to Chevonne and The Fuzz about playing CMJ - fitting the seven piece onto tiny stages - their new Fire At Will EP - how The Voice Season 3 fans have followed Chevonne to The Fuzz and much, much more...

the AU interview at CMJ: Them Swoops (Melbourne)

the AU review sits down at The Aussie BBQ in New York City, during CMJ, with Melbourne's Them Swoops.

the AU interview at CMJ: Quiet Company (Austin, TX)

the AU review chats to Austin, Texas based group Quiet Company at CMJ 2013 to find out what they've been up to since we last caught them at ACL 2013, about a year earlier. Turns out they've been quite busy - re-recording and re-releasing their debut album "Shine Honesty", working on a new EP, touring the country and more! Watch on...

the AU interview at CMJ: Sol Cat (Nashville)

the AU review interviews Nashville based outfit SOL CAT to talk about their new EP "Welcome to Cowabunga" EP, playing CMJ and much more...

the AU interview at CMJ: Streets of Laredo (New Zealand)

the AU review talk to New Zealand indie-folk duo Streets of Laredo while in New York for CMJ 2013. The band talk about relocating to New York, recording their EPs at home and much more...