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Hello Asia! New Music Video: ONE OK ROCK – “The Way Back” (Japan, 2015)

Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK have released the PV for ‘The Way Back’! Pared back and dark, the video features some intense acting and performance from the band, to accompany what is a banging rock tune. Check it out below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Oh My Girl – “Closer” (South Korea, 2015)

Rookie group Oh My Girl have made a comeback with their new song ‘Closer’! The song is a complete turnaround from their debut single ‘Cupid’ but well worth a listen with the MV’s magical, fairytale concept and the girls’ haunting voices. You can take a look for yourself below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: RIP SLYME - "Jump" (Japan, 2015)

We love a weird MV here at Hello Asia HQ, and RIP SLYME's "Jump" video is definitely that. While the UFOs, mannequins and bunny-in-undies will have you sighing "oh Japan", the latin-influenced dance track will have you on your feet and jumping in no time.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Lovelyz - “Ah-Choo” (South Korea, 2015)

Lovelyz are looking rather…lovely in their video for “Ah-Choo”! The title track from their new mini album, ‘Lovelyz8’, the song talks about the nervousness of confessing one’s love, complete with a sweet instrumental and super catchy chorus. You can see the girls (and their delightful wardrobe) and a cameo from Infinite’s Hoya in the MV below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Cross Gene - "sHi-tai!" (Japan, 2015)

South Korean boy group Cross Gene have dropped their latest Japanese track "sHi-tai!", but don't let the blue lights, white suits and futuristic sets fool you - this is a bright and catchy track perfect for Australia's summer.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: GOT7 - "If You Do" (South Korea, 2015)

GOT7 present a more serious and anguished side in their latest release "If You Do" - channelling the 80s in ripped denim and leather, and in stark contrast to their previous track "Just Right".

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Jessica Reynoso (feat. - Crazy ‘Bout U (Philippines, 2015)

African-American-Filipina singer Jessica Reynoso has released her new song, ‘Crazy ‘Bout U’! Originally a contestant on Season 1 of The Voice Philippines, Reynoso has already been a breakout success in the Philippines with her singles ‘Just Like You’ and ‘Sing Along’, and is looking to make a name for herself overseas. You can check out her latest video below – featuring Black Eyed Peas member and filmed in Manila’s Art in Island Interactive Museum, it’s bright, colourful and addictive. We’re crazy ‘bout it!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Sekai no Owari - SOS (Japan, 2015)

Japanese indie band Sekai no Owari has released the PV for ‘SOS’. Sung completely in English, ‘SOS’ is also the theme song for the new live-action ‘Shingeki no Kyojin ATTACK ON TITAN End of the World’ film. Directed by Tamukai Jun, who has previously worked with them for the PVs of ‘ANTI-HERO’, ‘RPG’ and more, the video features the group in a dystopian black and white world, accompanied by a mysterious colourful creature. You can check it out below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: ONE OK ROCK - Last Dance (Japan, 2015)

Japanese band One OK Rock have released their new PV for ‘Last Dance’, in an exclusive collaboration with Alternative Press. The song comes from their American debut album ‘35xxxv-Deluxe Edition-’, to be released on September 25. The album features tracks previously released on the Japanese edition but re-recorded in English. You can click the exclusive link to watch the video below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: SEVENTEEN – Mansae (South Korea, 2015)

Pledis’ 13-member group SEVENTEEN has made a comeback with their new track, ‘Mansae’. The Korean word for ‘hooray’, the boys sing about the feeling of having a crush and getting her to notice him. The song is from their latest mini album, ‘Boys Be’ and was composed and written by members in conjunction with singer-songwriter Kye Bum Joo. The video features some dorky acting and their signature youthful, tongue-in-cheek spunk. You can see the video below the cut!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: UP10TION – “So Dangerous” (South Korea, 2015)

New 10-member boy group UP10TION has made their debut with ‘So Dangerous’! Coming from the same agency as TEEN TOP and 100%, the video showcases fast-paced, strong choreography and TOP Media’s signature synchronised dance, as well as their intro song ‘Tension UP’. If you’re in the mood for an explosive track, you can take a look at the MV below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Kangnam (M.I.B) feat. San E – “Chocolate” (South Korea, 2015)

Kangnam from M.I.B has made his solo debut with ‘Chocolate’! ‘Chocolate’ is a funky, mid-tempo song and features rapping by San E. The song’s lyrics talk about the sweetness of love, and the MV has some cute acting from AOA’s Mina and actor Nam Joo Hyuk. You can check out the video below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: DAY6 – “Congratulations” (South Korea, 2015)

Are you one of the many fans who have been eagerly awaiting the debut of JYP Entertainment’s first ever band, DAY6? The wait is over! The band’s debut track ‘Congratulations’ has been revealed and absolutely lives up to expectations. Strong vocals are evenly spread, and surprisingly, so are their rap skills! See for yourself in the music video below!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Red Velvet - "Dumb Dumb" (South Korea, 2015)

SM Entertainment’s newest group Red Velvet are back with their signature sound and a hypnotising, artsy music video! Pay attention to the rap break - how many Michael Jackson references can you catch?

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Jun Jin feat. Eric - "Wow Wow Wow" (South Korea, 2015)

Shinhwa's rapper, dancer, vocalist, and all around badass, Jun Jin, had just released a new solo track featuring his fellow Shinhwa member, Eric! "Wow Wow Wow" is a modern funky track that showcases Jun Jin's ability to sing and rap. With his pride as one of the original K-pop idols on the line, Jun Jin brings out the classy sexy back, so enjoy the new music video!