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BEYONCE | the AU review

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British producer Naughty Boy releases video for "Runnin' (Lost It All)" with Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin

British producer Naughty Boy has another guaranteed hit on his hands thanks to a megastar guest spot by Beyoncé, who appears on the hitmaker's latest track "Runnin' (Lost It All)" alongside vocalist Arrow Benjamin. Naughty Boy, who is - up to this point anyway - best known for his Sam Smith featuring "La La La" delivers an urgent drum pattern set over a delicate, sparse piano, giving Bey and Benjamin a well-crafted platform for their undeniable chemistry.

Rachel Costanzo's five tunes that inspire her when in studio!

Sometimes you've just got to indulge and completely immerse yourself in good pop music. For Melbourne's Rachel Costanzo, she's in the great position where she's able to constantly be channelling some of her favourites when she's writing pop music of her own in studio. The young songstress has been one whose work the AU has been championing this year and we decided to link up and find out what names and tunes she bumps when she's looking for inspiration.

Hear the full version of Drake and Beyonce's hypnotic "Can I"

Music giants Drake and Beyonce have once again linked up on a track called "Can I" which has been teasing the internet for days, with snippets galore on almost every major media outlet's front page. The full version has leaked now, and it's delivers on that promise of slicked back Drake swagger mixed with the occasional pop-in from Beyonce who sadly doesn't have much of a presence here. There's a smooth verse sung by singer Sal Houdini that blends in well with the two industry megastars.

Adelaide Fringe Festival Review: Baby Beyonce - A Tribute to Beyonce - Gluttony, Adelaide (09.03.15)

Having never witnessed Beyoncé live in concert, Baby Beyoncé – A Tribute to Beyoncé was definitely the next best thing. Jaylena Paige may only be 14 years young (I couldn’t believe my eyes) but this was no kiddy show. BEY-dazzled with glitz and glamour, identical hair and makeup, and even mimicked her mannerisms on stage to perfection, Baby Beyoncé delivered a very high-energy show with a range of vocal techniques and slick dance moves – (I don’t know how keen I was on the replication of Bey’s sexual dance moves from a 14 year young girl, though).

Album Review: Fifty Shades of Grey (2015 Soundtrack)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three years you have probably heard of the erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey. There are mixed (generally pretty terrible, to be fair) reviews of the movie but the soundtrack, featuring artists such as Ellie Goulding and Beyoncé Knowles debuted at number two on the Billboard chart, two days before the film’s opening, and is without question one of the best Soundtracks of recent memory.

the AU playlist: Top 20 R&B Love Songs from the 90s to now (Part One: 20-11)

Sentimentality isn't as common in music (or society) as it used to be, with saccharine R&B replaced with a rougher edge, often favouring the over-sexed and crass. While love means so many different things to so many different people, there was a time when a singular, romantic idea of love inspired R&B artists to write some truly timeless music. Some of them have gone on to be constantly covered by others, some have faded into obscurity, but they all have, at point or another, captured the essence of that idea of love, without creeping into cliche territory. With Valentine's Day coming up, we thought it best to look to the past and present of R&B and feature 20 of our very favourites. We'll be looking at classic soul as well, but for now here are, what we believe to be, the top 20 R&B love songs from the 90's to now. Here's part one, 20-11.

Nominees announced for 57th Grammy Awards with Sia and Iggy Azalea amongst top contenders

Nominees for the 57th Grammy Awards have been announced, with the ceremony scheduled to take place on February 8th. The list marks two very noticeable achievements by two Australian artists, Sia and Iggy Azalea who have notched up four nods each. Both also will contend for Record of the Year, with "Chandelier" and "Fancy", their respective hits, nominated. The release of the nominees list marks another record for Beyonce as she surpasses Dolly Parton as the most Grammy nominated female of all time, beating Dolly's 46. Check out the full list of nominees below.

New Music Video: Beyonce "7/11" (2014)

Following the full versions of "Ring Off" and "7/11" which were released yesterday by Beyoncé, the queen of music has released a fun music video for the latter. There's less in the way of production here, rather, Bey takes advantage of some effects to spin her and her dancers goofing around into one of her most playful videos to date. Watch out for the Blue Ivy cameo.

Single Stream: Beyonce "Ring Off" and "7-11" (2014)

When Beyoncé drops a new song it's treated as more than just your everyday leak, it's an event - she's just dropped two new songs. The reigning queen of the music industry has a profile that is often hard to believe, but there it is; frequently displayed throughout popular culture, blogs, websites, and the like. So it comes to no surprise that her release of the full versions of new songs "Ring Out" and "7/11" - which appear on the re-release of her self-titled album - is a pretty big deal. Listen to both songs below.

Album News Weekly: 5th November 2014

In This Issue: This week is big, the closer we get to the end of the year the more artists are surprising us with new releases ahead of Summer tours and festivals. This issue sees both ends of the compilation works with electronic legends Cut Copy and a Melbourne 70's rock tribute album, a couple of WA hometown upstarts, and Queen Bey herself. A lot of pop, rock, dance fun ahead for this month.

the AU playlist: Beyoncé - 8 unreleased songs and guest appearances we love

Peerless pop megastar Beyoncé celebrates her 33rd birthday today, so we thought it best to dig up some of the lesser known tracks and guest spots from Bey's consistently successful career in reflection of how far she has come to sit atop the industry as the most dominant living pop star in the world. Here are a few of our favourites from both her solo career and Destiny's Child days.

Jay Z and Beyonce feature all-star cast in 'Run' trailer for US tour!

In what could be the best timing ever, Beyoncé and hubby Jay Z have released a trailer video for their upcoming 'On The Run' Tour, capitalising on the latest internet and media buzz which has surrounded them. Hot off the heels of the family fight now seen the world round, the Carters have brought another video to light in 'Run' - a movie trailer of sorts, which has employed the talents of a bunch of A-list actors in a fast paced, action packed clip.

Single Stream: Beyoncé "Standing on the Sun (Full Version)" (2014)

Mega-star Beyoncé has released the full version of her song "Standing on the Sun," which was co-written by Australian treasure Sia. It's been almost a year since the snippet of this song was released in the ad for last year's H&M summer collection; now Queen Bey has released the full, mastered version with added elements to complete the non-album track.

Five of our favourite guest appearances at Coachella

Coachella 2014 was awash with amazing artist cameos, speaking highly to the collaborative vibe at one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Some were expected, some weren't, but all added to a very memorable couple of weekends. Here are 5 of our favourite moments.

The 13 Best Music Videos of 2013!

We've taken a bit of time getting this one together - what a year it was! - but we finally bring you our annual look back at the best videos of 2013. This year we have a mix of local and international, with a dose of interactive experiences thrown in for good measure. Enjoy this trip down memory lane...