Book Review: The Oremere Chronicles draws to a close with Helen Scheuerer’s action packed War of Mist

  • Jodie Sloan
  • July 18, 2019
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After a terrifying clash with the enemy in the Havennesse mountains, our gang of rebels and Valian warriors have headed back to Queen Eydis’ castle to regroup and plan for the war ahead. But with Bleak’s head still reeling from revelations about her past, and the captive they planned to use as leverage against Ines found murdered, it’s safe to say that things aren’t exactly going to plan.

Meanwhile, in the Janhallow Desert, Swinton and Fi are fighting to keep their royal charges alive, as they flee Ines’ influence in Belbarrow. Their only chance at survival is a village they once destroyed as soldiers of Ellest – is it worth the risk?

War has come to the Upper Realm, in the epic finale to Helen Scheuerer‘s Oremere Chronicles. Picking up a shortly after the events of previous novel, in War of Mist Scheuerer has revealed a last stand that’s every bit as action packed and emotional as fans of the series could hope.

Our four original voices – Ashai Bleak, Valian queen Henri, tortured soldier Swinton, and gentle Dash – are still here, their characters stronger than ever as the series draws to a close. Each one is dealing with a myriad of issues, issues they’ll have to push aside for the war ahead, and Scheuerer handles them deftly, making War of Mist near impossible to put down, no matter which character is leading the chapter.

The Oremere Chronicles has always been led by its women, from the Amazonian-like Valians and Havennesse’s Queen Eydis, to the healers amongst the Groundlings, the wicked Ines, and, of course, lead character Bleak. With a long awaited reunion at the end of Reign of Mist, and a few exciting (and occasionally heartwarming) revelations throughout this third novel, Scheuerer makes it clearer than ever that well-rounded female characters are definitely her M.O. It all culminates in a speech from an unlikely (but oh so perfect) source, that tells us in no uncertain terms: “It’s not one woman. It’s all of us.”

Throughout War of Mist, there are twists, turns, and the inevitable goodbyes; hopes raised, dashed, and raised again. And alongside it all lies Scheuerer’s most dominant theme – the importance of family, whether biological or found. From the reunited Oremerian and Valian heirs, to the promise of new beginnings for Swinton and Dash, and to the great friendships and alliances that form throughout the series, War of Mist fiercely celebrates what people are capable of when they come together.

Winding things up with a battle that will have readers’ hearts firmly in their mouths (Scheuerer really does write great action scenes), War of Mist is a simply stunning conclusion to a fantasy series that deserves every bit of buzz you’ll hear about it. Hell, even the epilogue is satisfying – and I’m not sure how many times you can honestly say that!


War of Mist hits shelves on July 25th.

With the previous books already Amazon best-sellers, time is running out to get ahead of the curve on this homegrown fantasy series. Get your pre-orders for War of Mist in HERE, then pick up the first two books in the series, Heart of Mist and Reign of Mist, on Amazon. And don’t forget to head over to Helen’s website to download some exclusive prequels to learn more about your favourite characters!

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