Adelaide Fringe Review: Smart Casual "The Other Brother" - The Rhino Room, Adelaide (13.03.13)

The other sibling. You know the one. They’re more popular, they over-achieve and they’re incredibly annoying and mean to you behind everyone else’s back. Usually they’re older than you or they’ll be the newest addition to the family, in which case, you’ll feel like you’ve been kicked to the kerb like yesterday’s trash. It’s this trope that comedy duo, Smart Casual, bring to the Adelaide Fringe Festival for their 2013 season.

Fletcher Jones and Roger David (aka Nick and Ben Mattick) tell the Rhino Room audience the story of their other brother, half-sibling in Doug. He’s a yo-yo champion, steals the brothers’ best friends and steals their girls. He’s a royal dick, in other words. Some graphic images are conjured up by way of colourful story-telling (the overdosing on green cordial, for one), making the audience laugh but also cringe at the same time. There’s plenty of amusement to be had over the hour-long comedy show; the songs the brothers perform cross every genre, from the laidback acoustic to Aussie hip-hop. This isn’t a show full of cheesy musical numbers though; the songs frame the story arc excellently and flow brilliantly.

Smart Casual’s comedy isn’t complicated, but it isn’t aimed at the simple-minded. The duo, physically, are the polar opposites of each other – David playing the ‘straight’ man to Jones’ outrageous, but they are both equally as hilarious to watch. I first saw these guys perform a few years ago and found them funny, but they’ve gone up a few levels in terms of joke quality and general story development. Go see these guys when they bring their show to you next. You’ll laugh your arse off.