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How Niagara Falls, Canada has adapted to Tourism in the age of Coronavirus

If you live and work in a destination considered a “tourist attraction”, 2020 has unquestionably been a difficult year for your city. With international air travel grinding to a halt and even domestic travel either discouraged or blocked by ever changing border rules, tourism sectors have seen unthinkable downturn. Some have had to shut their […]

Destination Spotlight: A Perfect Summer’s Weekend in Niagara Falls (Canada)

Niagara Falls. The name alone conjures up a sense of mystic beauty, let alone the magnificent splendour that awaits its onlookers. The journey to Niagara Falls’ Canadian side from Toronto is an easy one. On my own journey, the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, and the ride via Greyhound served as an excellent way […]

The Day Trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto, Canada (Part Two)

Destination: Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada) Origin: Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Travel Time (Each Way): Two Hours In the first part of our special feature series on the Niagara Falls day trip in Canada, we literally took you inside the famous Horseshoe Falls and got a birds eye view of the natural wonder from our elevated room […]

The Day Trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto, Canada (Part One)

Destination: Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada) Origin: Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Travel Time (Each Way): Two Hours Niagara Falls. The name alone conjures up a sense of mystic beauty, let alone the magnificent splendour that awaits its onlookers. So when I was given the opportunity to spend a day at the iconic natural wonder, following a week […]

Back to a Golden Age: Exploring the quiet restoration of Buffalo, New York

When I told people I was travelling to Buffalo, New York – a city which sits just off the Canadian border, a couple of hours from Toronto and next door to the Niagara Falls – I was meant with some level of skepticism. “Why are you going there?”, one friend asked me. Indeed, I had […]

America’s Hidden Wonder: Behold one of the world’s most spectacular views, that few have ever seen

The majestic, diverse countryside of the United States is one that has inspired poetry and prose for generations. And there’s still a sense of wonder to it, whether you’re making your first visit to the Grand Canyon, seeing the Niagara Falls or Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. But when these sights were first discovered, […]

Live Review: Passion Pit’s Manners turns ten with a spellbinding live show in Toronto

Back in 2009, a band by the name of Passion Pit – hailing from Boston, Massachusetts – made waves around the world with their debut LP Manners, just as their debut EP Chunk of Change had done the year prior with tracks like “Sleepyhead” and my personal favourite, “Cuddle Fuddle”. But Manners was truly a […]

Forget steel and iron factories, Pittsburgh is a gem of innovative food, art and city-planning

For the average Australian, first thoughts of Pittsburgh elicit passing references in TV and movies that pin the city as a large factory and manufacturing town with one of the most recognisable NFL franchises – the Steelers. After a few days of staying near the airport and Burgettstown, PA (20 minutes from Downtown) for Farm Aid […]

Flight Review: United Airlines – Chicago O’Hare to Buffalo, New York (UA5177)

In today’s flight review, we travel on board United Airlines’ service from Chicago O’Hare International Airport – the world’s fourth busiest airport by passenger traffic – to Buffalo, New York, not too far from Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada. Airline: United Airlines Route: Chicago O’Hare to Buffalo, New York – UA5177 Seat: Economy, 23D aisle […]

Travel Diary: Melbourne rockers Kingswood take us to Ontario, Canada

When Kingswood returned from Canadian Music Week in Toronto, they shared with us their experiences on the road. From an intense game of oversized Jenga, giant pizza, and maple bacon donuts, to Niagara Falls and the upside down house, the band share their adventures and funny stories for us to enjoy.  If you have ever been to Bigsound in […]

Travel Diary: Adelaide avant-pop band Ghyti take us on their Canadian adventures

Last year, Adelaide avant-pop band Ghyti took their particular brand of alternative rock to Toronto for the Canadian Music Week festival. They have written a detailed yet entirely unreliable account of the tour, and sent it to us with a selection of grainy smartphone photos. Behold! DAY 1 Flying. Lots of flying. Once upon a time, […]

The Iris Interview: Kevin Sorbo on Oz Comic Con, Hercules vs. Andromeda & working behind the camera!

  There’s a good chance Kevin Sorbo was the object your 90s dreams back in the day or, at the very least, you knew someone who found something so incredibly appealing about the long haired, always tanned demi-God as portrayed by Sorbo in the popular TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. With the show’s end in […]

Pre-SXSW 2011: The Aussie BBQ and Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Bowery Ballroom and Terminal 5, New York City (13/14.03.11)

In between my visits to the Canadian Music week in Toronto and SXSW in Austin, I spent 48 hours in New York City, catching the 2nd leg of the Aussie BBQ tour at the Bowery Ballroom on the 13th and the cinematic stylings of Godspeed! You Black Emperor at Terminal 5 (where LCD Soundsystem will […]