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Photo Gallery: Looking back at the 2014-2015 installment of the Woodford Folk Festival

Caravana Sun, Mama Kin, Archie Roach, The Cat Empire, Chris Tamwoy (Pictured), Darren Percival, Bunna Lawrie, Milian Martin, Tjupurru & The Bullawadda, Darren Middleton, Keyim Ba, Sticky Fingers, Jeff Lang, Siskin River, Lior and Nahko and Medicine for the People were just a few of the artists who played the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland over the New Year period. Julie Lowe was there with her camera and brings you these photos to look back at the massive event.

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival Day Five & Six - Woodfordia, Queensland (31.12.14 - 01.01.15)

Despite the weirdness of day three weather-wise, there was more confidence with what the skies gave us for the remaining two days of Woodford. We at least got some semblance of normalcy with an overcast day and a pleasant coolness in the air. It made for a good time watching bands.

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival Day Three & Four - Woodfordia, Queensland (29-30.12.14)

As dawn rose over day three of the Woodford Folk Festival, revelers didn’t seem to mind the pitter-patter of rain felt on their thongs, boots or whatever else was deemed appropriate attire for that day (Some even felt underwear was appropriate to strut around, not that I’m complaining, I only mention that in bemusement). Little did anyone know that the pitter-patter would turn into something significant, but more of that later.

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival Day One & Two - Woodfordia, Queensland (27-28.12.14)

By account of the cheers when the gates opened on Boxing Day, spirits certainly were as high as the slow deepening dark clouds moving over the site. Woodford Folk Festival is the ultimate endurance festival for those looking for a treat between Christmas and New Years, but in it’s own way is a vast beautiful event bringing together a bunch of artists free in spirit, but also diligent on ensuring that their performances are top notch.

The 7 Best Bands at Woodford Folk Festival 2013/14

It's been almost two weeks since the Woodford Folk Festival wrapped up. But we've used this time to think back on the festival and put together a list of the top 7 bands we covered during those six crazy days. Presented in no particular order, these are the seven bands that rocked our sweaty socks.

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival, Day Five - Woodfordia, Queensland (31.12.13)

Stormchasers chase the afternoon clouds away from the audience's minds with their quick stepping soul and funk hybrid sound. It's an exuberant performance from the 7-piece band that gets the dancers moving and even convinces my weary body that it needs to get up to jig along.

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival, Day Four - Woodfordia, Queensland (30.12.13)

Day Four and it's a trip down nostalgia lane by way of the 80's rock-pop tunes of Gangajang belting out. The music and members might be old but there's still an undeniable power behind them both, the band's poetic lyrics and rocksteady beat contributing to both. Just to prove it's not just for the oldies to rock out to, the kids are allowed up on stage for a number, with a gruff reminder 'not to touch nuffin', and then to finish it off, it's the ringing chords of the iconic red-dirt anthem "Sounds of Then".

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival, Day Two - Woodfordia, Queensland (28.12.13)

Day two started with a struggle out of bed but it was worth it to catch the Marko Deferri Duo. Nimble violin danced in and around the stately tones of the accordion, as the band started with some older Jewish heritage pieces. But the feet and fingers really start flying as the two of them continue into tango territory with the accordion matching the violin note for note.

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival, Day One - Woodfordia, Queensland (27.12.13)

The dust and colour engulf you as you wander through Woodfordia. It's a cacophony of the absurd, the homely and the natural, and I haven't even started on the music. My day truly started with the worst part of any camping festival, the setting up of the tent. With this out of the way, it was time to delve into the festival for real.