Music Video of the Day: Tuka "Yeah Right" (2015)

The hype surrounding Tuka's new album Life Death Time Eternal has been generating a lot of heat in recent months and off the back of successful shows with earlier this year, crowds have been able to see the Sydney rapper showcasing possibly more diversity within his personal style of writing and rapping than before. Of course, "Nirvana" is a great example of this, but now we've got album track "Yeah Right" to bite down on in the lead up to the release of LTDE and the clip makes us even more excited to hear what else Tuka has up his sleeve on album #3.

"Yeah Right" has been described as one of his faves on the album and if it's an indicator of the rest of the material, we can expect some energetic, ballsy and indeed some of his strongest rhymes yet. He says of Life Death Time Eternal:

"Getting it to feel centred was really important to me. Not too positive not too negative, not too pop not too "underground", not too feminine not too masculine, not too melodic not too rap etc.. It was the fastest I've I ever written a whole album (about 9 months) but that being said I feel it has some of the strongest song writing I've ever produced."

Watch the clip for "Yeah Right" below and pre-order Life Death Time Eternal as well as some great merch at!