New Music Video: Skegss "L.S.D" (2014)

Cult followings gather for a reason; so the fanbase that boils underneath Byron Bay locals Skegss should be more than enough reason to direct your spotlight onto "L.S.D" (Live. Sleep. Die), the first song released by the fast rising band since they pulled their Bandcamp page from the internet, which clocked over 10,000 views on one month, so that they could re-record. The result is a sound which is deceptively casual; a well-crafted ode to those with a more laid-back approach to life, sounding good enough to expect their upcoming four-show tour (which kicks off tomorrow in Bondi) to be brimming with fans both new and old.

Skegss Tour Dates

August 6th
El Topo, Bondi NSW

August 7th
La De Da, Mona Vale, NSW

August 9th
W/ Drunk Mums
The Standard Bowl, NSW

August 30th
W/ Velociraptor & Bloods
Cooly Hotel, QLD