Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Danny Yau "The Inner West Misses You" (2015)

Sydney songwriter Danny Yau is gearing up to release his debut album Do You Think We'll Live Here Forever? in September, the first release under his own name. Having fronted The Reservations and having performed extensively with some of the country's best musicians throughout his career, Yau's debut solo release is all about returning home and finding one's spot after being away for a period of time. In his single "The Inner West Misses You", Yau has penned an ode to his hometown, the Sydney stomping ground he's experienced so much in.

"This is probably more a love song for the neighbourhood I love so much more than anything else." he has said of the tune. "Where I had many of my victories, and many of my failures. Drop by sometime. I think this is the best song I’ve ever written. Songwriting and songs, for me, are ultimately about taking a mess of feelings and bottling it. And that mess of feelings I have about people who leave, and the place where I lived, are wrapped up in this song. Unless I can better it, it will no doubt be played at my funeral."

The music video for "The Inner West Misses You" was shot in and around the area, bringing to life this part of the city that Yau has romanticised through some great indie pop tunes. We're stoked to be premiering this piece of local flavour on the AU today - check it out below!


Danny Yau's Do You Think We'll Live Here Forever? album is out on September 4th.