the AU Sessions: Brad Butcher (Brisbane) performs "Simple Things" live & acoustic in Sydney!

Brad Butcher has been touring his latest album Jamestown around the place since March and while the singer songwriter was in Sydney near the end of April, we were able to be treated to a great acoustic performance. Filmed in a Sydney park, the APRA New Songwriter Finalist performs his single "Simple Things" - a coming of age song, as he describes it - for the AU as part of our exclusive AU Sessions.

Watch Pixar's Jim Murphy perform the ukulele song from his new short film "Lava" for a special AU session!

Pixar's latest short film project Lava is scheduled to be showed alongside upcoming feature Inside Out when it's released in June. Larry Heath had a chance to sit down with Lava Director Jim Murphy while at SXSW who treated us to a song from the film on his trusty ukulele in this very special AU session.

Photo Gallery: The AU Sessions ft Brendan Maclean + Ben Wright Smith - The Hive Bar, Erskineville (28.04.15)

The 3rd AU sessions hit Erskineville's Hive Bar last night, with amazing performances by Sydney's Brendan Maclean and Melbourne's Ben Wright Smith. The upstairs bar was well attended, with both artists offering a warm and inviting atmosphere to take us away from the otherwise chilly Sydney evening. Many thanks to both musicians for performing and we look forward to seeing you at the third event next month! Stay tuned to our sessions page ( for more details.

Watch Rowen (Brisbane) perform "Alaskan Bears" at the AU sessions #002

Brisbane artist Rowen performs her track "Alaskan Bears" at The AU Sessions #002 in Sydney, Australia. The AU Sessions is a monthly acoustic sessions series that happens at The Hive Bar in Erskineville. The next free event is tonight! Head along HERE for all the details.

the AU sessions at SXSW: Mumiy Troll (Russia) perform "Nothing Promised" from 2012's "Vladivostok" LP!

As part of the AU sessions at SXSW, Russian rock group Mumiy Troll stopped by and gave us a version of "Nothing Promised", taken from their 2012 album Vladivostok. Check out the performance out below!

Getting to know AU Sessions performer Ben Wright Smith

Before his performance at this month's AU session taking place April 28th, the AU review caught up with Ben Wright Smith - the emerging singer-songwriter who talks about how he got started playing music and how he fell into his style. We find out what we can expect from his live show and what his plans for the year ahead are... plus more! Don't miss him performing free next Tuesday night! Details at the end of the article.

Getting to Know AU sessions performer Brendan Maclean

Before his performance at this month's AU session taking place April 28, the AU review caught up with Brendan Maclean - the solo singer-songwriter and vocalist for international queer music movement: Stereogamous. We chat to the man himself about first instruments, influences, plans for the year ahead and more. Further information about the performance below...

the AU sessions at SXSW: Animal Years (Brooklyn) perform "Rapture" off their album "Sun Will Rise"

As part of our pop up sessions series at SXSW, Brooklyn's Animal Years popped by to play a version of their track "Rapture", taken from their latest album Sun Will Rise. Watch the performance in full now on the AU:

The AU Sessions at SXSW: Parlour Tricks (New York) perform "Walk in the Park"

As part of our sessions series at SXSW Parlour Tricks (FKA Lily & The Parlour Tricks) stopped by our pop-up venue to perform their song "Walk in the Park". Recipients of the Village Voice's award for Best Pop Band in New York 2014, Parlour Tricks have big plans for a larger work in 2015. Click through to watch their performance in full...

the AU sessions at SXSW: Demi Louise performs her ASA Pop Song of The Year "Rivers Run to Red"

Demi Louise, a pop/folk artist comparable to fellow singer/songwriter, James Bay, recently performed for the first time at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Following our interview with Louise, the AU review caught an exclusive acoustic performance of her single, "Rivers Run To Red" before the young artist headed out to another venue. The track recently was awarded the Australian Songwriters Association Pop Song of The Year Award for 2014. Check it out, here:

the AU sessions at SXSW: Leah Capelle (Illinois) Performs an Acoustic Version of "My Love Has Dried Up"

Known for her endearing lyrics and alternative/folk/pop sound, Leah Capelle's music is often referred to as "relatable to all ages, all walks of life". Leah stopped by the AU review pop up venue at Austin's SXSW to play an acoustic version of her song "My Love Has Dried Up". Check out the video below.

The AU Sessions at SXSW: Zac Kellogg (Austin) Performs an Acoustic Version of "Let Me Make it Easy"

Known for his "gritty personal stories" and modern country music, Austin's Zac Kellogg has been making a name for himself over the past few years. the AU review were lucky enough to meet up with the man himself at our SXSW pop-up venue for an acoustic session. We're stoked to bring you Zac Kellogg performing "Let Me Make it Easy for You" from his latest EP Revival Sun, which "captures the true spirit of the lonesome songwriter".

the AU sessions at SXSW: Ross Leighton of Fatherson (Scotland) performs an acoustic version of "Foreign Waters"

Last week you may have seen our interview with Ross Leighton of emerging Scottish trio Fatherson from our SXSW pop-up venue! Now, we're pleased to bring you the special intimate, acoustic performance Ross gave us with the beautiful song "Foreign Waters". The stunning track comes off their debut album I Am an Island. Be careful, you may want to hit repeat on this one...

the AU sessions at SXSW: Hamish Anderson (Melbourne) performs "Little Lies" off his EP "Restless"

While in Austin for the annual SXSW music festival and conference, Melbourne based singer/songwriter Hamish Anderson stopped by our pop up venue to perform a solo and acoustic version of the track "Little Lies", taken from his sophomore EP Restless, which is out now. Since popping into our studio he's been announced for Ottawa Bluesfest and Festival d'été de Québec in Canada, alongside the likes of Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones and Kanye West. Watch him perform here:

the AU sessions at SXSW: Lucette (Canada) performs "Able May" off her debut record "Black Is the Color"

As part of our live sessions series at SXSW, Canadian artist Lucette joined us at our pop up venue to perform a special acoustic version of her track "Able May". The track, which pours out a beautiful flavour of Americana, comes off her debut record Black Is the Color, which came out last year. Watch this special performance here: