New Music Video: Flight Facilities Featuring Emma Louise "Two Bodies" (2014)

Sydney electronic duo Flight Facilities already have enough steam behind them to sell out shows around the country, and they don't even have a studio album out yet. Their catalogue is looking to become a bit richer come October 24th, when the producers finally release their debut album Down to Earth. Our first taste of what they've been cooking up comes with stunning single "Two Bodies", a sensual, melodic house affair which features heavenly vocal work from Brisbane songstress Emma Louise. The impressively choreographed video comes from Sydney-via-New York director Lorin Askill, who has taken an artful approach for what is bound to be one of the summer festival season's biggest hits.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Emma & The Hungry Truth "Always The Last To Know" (2014)

"Always The Last To Know" is the exciting first taste of Brisbane-based band Emma & The Hungry Truth’s debut EP, Feast, and today we premiere the video on the AU. Fronted by the enigmatic Emma Dean, The six-piece have crafted a release that is being described as a combination of theatrical pop, tribal beats, soaring vocals and break-your-heart lyrics. Watch the video here:

New Music Video: Jack White "Would You Fight For My Love?" (2014)

It seems Jack White has become a fan of giving himself a very tight deadline. Back when his current album Lazaretto wasn' released yet, the revered artist performed and pressed to vinyl the album's title track in less than four hours. Now he's back, giving himself just 24 hours to conceive and create a video for one of the LP's best selections "Would You Fight For My Love?". A brooding White looking equally bright and moody sits at at a bar and trails along the ghostly aesthetic as he sits at a bar looking all dapper and lonely. Check it out below.

New Music Video: The Beards "All The Bearded Ladies" (2014)

The latest single from The Beard Album, the fourth hairy masterpiece from Australia’s leading pro-beard rockers The Beards requires very little explanation, although whether its attempt at winning over a new breed of female fan will be successful or otherwise remains to be seen.

New Music Video: The 1975 "Heart Out" (2014)

The 1975 have released the video for "Heart Out", their final single from what has been an incredibly strong debut album for the young Brits. Directed by the band's frontman Matthew Healy and Adam Powell, the music video is a cute clip featuring younger versions of the band themselves. You may think 'little Matt' is resembles the grown up version remarkably and you'd be right, it's his brother.

New Music Video: The Belligerents "I Don't Want To Be In Your Arms" (2014)

As the new single from Brisbane's The Belligerents, "I Don't Want To Be In Your Arms" provides the first taste from the band's upcoming third EP, after what seems like a long time away. If grandmothers dancing to disco-rock is your thing, you're going to love this.

New Music Video: Kele Okereke "Doubt" (2014)

Famed British vocalist Kele Okereke is set to release a new solo album, Trick, on October 13th. The renowned Bloc Party front man is constantly experimenting with the different sounds, using his distinct vocals to melt into various styles. His love of dance-minded, fast-tempo tracks is realised yet again on latest single "Doubt", a bouncy journey into deep European house.

New Music Video: Nicholas Allbrook "100 k's 'round Carmel" (2014)

Pond fronthuman, founding member of Mink Mussel Creek, ex-Tame Impala bass-player, one half of Allbrook/Avery, drummer with Peter Bibby and noise maker with many more, Nicholas Allbrook is set to release his first solo album on September 5th. "100 k's ‘round Carmel" is the first single. Prepare your eyes for this video.

New Music Video: Lowtide "Held" (2014)

Melbourne shoegaze quartet Lowtide have earned rave reviews for their long-awaited debut album released only a matter of weeks ago, and now single "Held" has an accompanying video, shot in a mere two hours. Sometimes simplicity is best.

New Music Video: Briggs "Bad Apples" (2014)

While the love for his album Sheplife continues to pour in, Briggs is busy showing Australia his value to hip-hop. His powerful, forceful flow is a perfect vessel for his deft lyricism, capturing his frustration about the darker side of society in an incredibly vivid way. Not only a certified head-nodder, "Bad Apples" is an insightful, expressive tale about growing up in a less than ideal society.

New Music Video: REMi "XTC Party" (2014)

Following the release of the acclaimed Raw x Infinity, Aussie rapper REMi has been steady showcasing the album across the country, justifying all the hype with precise performances of the LP's brilliant track list. Keeping the buzz at a high, REMi has released a music video for the club-friendly "XTC Party/H.O.B", showing off that smooth, confident flow as he laces a twisted disco-leaning production with light, drug-riddled party rap. Towards the end, producers Sensible J and Dutch flip the soundscape into a californian-inspired dose of G-Funk, reiterating the diversity found on REMi's debut LP.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Elesia Iimura "Believe" (2014)

Introducing a new face on the Australian music scene, Elesia Iimura. Elesia releases her infectious debut single “Believe” on iTunes today, and we're proud to be premiering her music video on the AU:.

New Music Video: Kimbra "Miracle" (2014)

Kimbra has been making some big waves both at home and abroad with her second album The Golden Echo. Check out this typically colourful and wonderful new video for her disco-pop-themed new single "Miracle".

New Music Video: The Love Junkies "Television" (2014)

Perth rock/grunge trio The Love Junkies are just a matter of days away from releasing their second album, of which this (chronically underfunded) video provides a good sample of. Catch them on their upcoming national tour following the release of Blowing On The Devil's Strumpet on September 5th.

New Music Video: Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" (2014)

So much has been written and said about this music video by Nicki Minaj in the short time it's been in the public sphere, and not a jot of it has been about the song. With over 75 million views at the time of writing, this video has to be doing something right... right? The jury is out.