New Music Video: Ty Segall - "The Singer" (2014)


OK. So this one’s a super cool video clip. Seriously - no moving cameras but playing with the ghosts of your bandmates is a pretty damn cool thing to be doing. Not to mention the song is pretty awesome as well. Seriously Watch it below - you won’t regret it.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Sirma "Trigger" (2014)

After speaking to New York based artist Sirma about her debut EP Instincts, we're excited to bring you the Australian exclusive premiere of the music video for its single "Trigger". Watch it here:

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Hedge Fund "Object of My Affection" (2014)

Sydney band Hedge Fund today premiere the video clip for their latest single, "Object of My Affection" with the AU! Hooked in by the unique nature and creativity of the visuals,vthe music video for "Object of My Affection" was directed and animated entirely by Hedge Fund's lead vocalist, William Colvin Mckenzie - a process which took over 200 hours to complete. This is the third Hedge Fund clip made by Mckenzie, who has directed videos for the likes of Deep Sea Arcade and SURES in the past, and is a showcase of a great knack for some interesting concepts being realised onscreen.

New Music Video: Twerps "Back To You" (2014)

Melbourne's Twerps have had a lot of things happening at once of late, including but not restricted to new record deals, festival and tour announcements, and now a new single - and it's all good news. The quartet's second album Range Anxiety is coming out in January, from which this is the excellent lead single.

New Music Video: Richard In Your Mind "Shooting Star" (2014)

Ready to get relaxed and more than a little trippy? Then get into Richard In Your Mind's new video for their second single "Shooting Star", taken from their recently-released (and most excellent) album Ponderosa.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Satellite Sky "Bleary Eyed Fashion" (2014)

Kim and Pete Kicks make up Melbourne duo Satellite Sky, who currently find themselves based in Los Angeles (where we once caught up with them out the front of an In n'Out Burger) and have had a busy year off their back of their EP Bleary Eyed Fashion. Today, in conjunction with Los Angeles Fashion Week, the duo are releasing the music video for the eponymous single and we're excited to premiere if on the AU! The band have provided some words about what they've been up to as well... enjoy that after the clip!

New Music Video: Beaty Heart "Banana Bread" (2014)


If you wanted Surf-Inspired surf pop, then you’ve got it. The opening track from the band’s debut album Mixed Blessings now has it’s own video clip. It’s pretty subdued but if you’ve got an artsy mind, then you’ll love the colours. I mean seriously, look at that guitar!

New Music Video: Childish Gambino "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" (2014)

Still reaping the massive success of his 2013 album Because the Internet, Childish Gambino is still steady rolling out the visuals to some of the LPs best cuts. The latest is a sun-drenched Hawaiian holiday that strangely turns into the beginnings of a b-grade horror movie. The visuals for "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" feature rapidly rising R&B star Jhene Aiko, with her and Childish living the tropical island lifestyle...until he turns reveals his true self. *SPOILER ALERT* It's like that movie Slither, but better.

New Music Video: Yellowcard "One Bedroom" (2014)

Yellowcard New Album

It’s not that unusual for musicians and activists to band together. I mean hell, even U2 did it. Probably a little too much, but hey we’re not judging. But this new clip from the band’s upcoming album Lift a Sail really shows what artists can – and often do. It’s pretty touching – take a look below.

New Music Video: Gruff Rhys "Lost Tribes" (2014)

A song about the 18th century explorer John Evans's misguided quest to find a lost Welsh tribe in the American interior, "Lost Tribes" is the third single from Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys's critically acclaimed 2014 album American Interior.

New Music Video: Tricky "Sun Down" (2014)


Holy hamburgers Batman – it’s Darryl from The Walking Dead! OK, so Tricky has dropped in some familiar faces for his new film clip, and an up and coming pop artist on vocals (London based Tirzah). It’s a pretty cool clip – and the song is everything you’d expect from our Bristol-based friend. Check it out now.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Transvaal Diamond Syndicate "So Sweet" (2014)

November 2014 will mark the 5th consecutive year Queenland's Transvaal Diamond Syndicate have been actively touring Australia. And now the band are going on tour to celebrate - bringing along a new single "So Sweet" along for the ride. The Track is the 4th single release off the band's 2014 debut Estranged Blues and highlights the bands upbeat and fun performance ability with sex-charged undertones. Today we're proud to premiere it for you on the AU!

New Music Video: Lionface "Girl" (2014)


Electro-pop is one of the coolest styles out there – no doubt. But of course it’s hard to master. But it seems that Bristol-Based Lionface did. The film clip is super-retro and manages to blend well with the song – which is a super plus. It’s super cool, and of course you can check out the video below.

New Music Video: A$AP Rocky "Multiply" (2014)

While teasing the beginning of A$AP Rocky's follow-up to his well-received major label debut, fans didn't expect that our first taste of the project would come so soon. Today Rocky drops the single and accompanying video for "Multiply", the track reported to be the first single from his next album. The song is in-line with the fashionable production and addictive, elastic flow which has made A$AP Rocky one of the fastest ascensions to hip-hop -and pop culture - prominence in history. The beat goes through multiple changes throughout the track, staying consistent with his seamless blend of Houston and New York style.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Lisa Caruso "I Will Be" (2014)

Today marks the official launch of Sydney Singer/Songwriter Lisa Caruso's new single "I Will Be", and we're proud to exclusively premiere the music video to go alongside it. The track comes off her soon to be released EP Take a Walk out October 26th. Watch the clip here first: