New Music Video: Caitlin Park "Wake Up In A Whirr" (2014)

Sydney's Caitlin Park is back with her third single from album The Sleeper. "Wake Up In A Whirr" tells the story of a damaging relationship in all its dark glory.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Broadwing "Commerce" (2014)

Alice Springs artist Ben Allen, aka Broadwing, has been on the AU's radar for some time, but when we recently saw him perform up in Darwin as part of the Original Recipe Music Festival, we really tuned in to the great music he was producing. An eclectic songwriter unafraid of playing with tone and musical texture, Allen has also demonstrated a talent as an illustrator as well. Such skills are on display in the new Broadwing film clip for "Commerce", one the AU is excited to premiere for you exclusively, today.

New Music Video: Bombay Bicycle Club "Come To" (2014)

Backing up their announcement of an Australian tour this morning, Bombay Bicycle Club present the film clip for their latest tune, "Come To". The fourth single taken from the band's So Long, See You Tomorrow record, "Come To" is uplifting as you'd expect from the Londoners and will no doubt appeal to more listeners than before. Give it a spin and get excited for their September tour dates!

New Music Video: Thigh Master "Head Of The Witch" (2014)

All music videos should be like this; simple yet freakishly brilliant. This Brisbane quartet make King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard sound like the tightest band around, yet the ragged charm of "Head of the Witch" is what makes it so likeable.

New Music Video: Angus & Julia Stone "Heart Beats Slow" (2014)

"Heart Beats Slow" is the first single taken from Angus & Julia Stone's self-titled album, due out on August 1. Despite the Metallica T-shirts, biker gang and Tarantino-esque hold-up, the Stone siblings haven't changed their musical stripes, and long-time fans of the duo will find much to like here.

New Music Video: Steve Smyth "Written Or Spoken" (2014)

Steve Smyth's new single "Written Or Spoken" follows the rollicking "Shake It", both lifted from his debut album which will be released on September 5th. Try watching this and not saying 'Wow'.

New Music Video: Villainettes "Diamonds" (2014)

Produced by the legendary Paul 'Woody' Annison and directed by Bianca Milani, the video for Villainettes' latest single, "Diamonds" is remnant of a burlesque house gone awry (in the best way possible). Their distinct sound immediately grabs you, rife with bombastic beats and glistening melodies, Villainettes are one to watch.

Single Stream: Benjamin Booker "Have You Seen My Son?" (2014)

"Have You Seen My Son?" is the second single from New Orleans native Benjamin Booker's debut album, which is due for release on August 15th. An electrifying mix of garage-rock, punk and soul flavours from the Deep South, this song marks Booker as one to watch.

New Music Video: Gang of Youths "Poison Drum" (2014)

Sydney's Gang of Youths always write in capitals, so it's fitting that their Facebook page describes their new video as "A BUNCH OF GROWN-ASS MEN HAULING ASS AROUND L.A. SCOFFING DOWN CHEESE BURGERS AND SUCKING ON NOODLES" A song this fine requires little else.

New Music Video: Violent Soho "Fur Eyes" (2014)

Has any Australian band's star risen as much as Violent Soho's in the last twelve months? The number of singles taken from their September 2013-released Hungry Ghost album is now at four, and surely nobody could confidently say it will end here.

New Music Video: Angus & Julia Stone "A Heartbreak" (2014)

Returning to Australian audiences with a new album touted as being their most collaborative effort yet, Sydney siblings Angus & Julia Stone offer up the first taste of their eponymous third album in "A Heartbreak". Their new album, produced by Rick Rubin at the iconic Shangri La studios in Malibu, is quintessential A&J Stone, but there's something unique about the material that no doubt will have people talking. Take a look at "A Heartbreak" here!

New Music Video: Miracle Feat. Youngblood Hawke "Endless Summer" (2014)

Sydney rapper/producer Miracle is a purveyor of progressive hip-hop, taking his pop sensibility and blending it with his seamless flow. U.S indie pop band Youngblood Hawke lend their blissful vocals to Miracle's glistening smash "Endless Summer," shoving aside the current season and reminding Australia of its unparalleled summer. The single is taken from his new album Mainland which is currently being streamed on Rdio and features the likes of Allday, Little Nicki, and Jakubi.

New Music Video: Souls of Mischief Feat. Snoop Dogg "There Is Only Now" (2014)

Chances are you know Soul of Mischief one way or another, whether you're a fan of authentic hip-hop or not; the Oakland group's classic debut album 93 'til Infinity has had such a massive impact that the group's waves reach far beyond the walls of rap. In prepping their sixth studio album, There Is Only Now, the unstoppable team of A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai take things to the next level. They have set their forthcoming LP out to be thematic, playing similarly to a blaxploitation film starring the likes of Busta Rhymes, Scarub (of Living Legends), and Ali Shaheed Muhammed (of A Tribe Called Quest).

New Music Video: Liars "Pro Anti Anti" (2014)

Completely captivating. Liars have undoubtedly proven time and time again their aptitude for creativity and intrigue and their latest clip for “Pro Anti Anti” is no exception. The video follows the making of a mold of both of their faces, which inevitably end up melting. You will not be able to look away.

New Music Video: Flyying Colours "Not Today" (2014)

A slab of pure psychedelic joy, Flyying Colours are back with the truly luscious "Not Today". The clip is fast paced and instantly captivating. Flashing visuals and interesting cross-references team perfectly with the involved rhythm section and elusive boy/girl vocal set (drool).