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Live Review: City Calm Down + Foreign/National + The Rememberz + Blush Response - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (09.10.15)

City Calm Down have maintained somewhat of an air of mystery around them in recent years. Having spent quite a bit of time away working solidly on their debut album, In a Restless House, the Melbourne band have still managed to cultivate and maintain a strong fan base within the local scene and following on from an impressive few live shows in Sydney and Melbourne recently, not to mention a well-received BIGSOUND run, it's finally time for City Calm Down to step out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight - the fans and the stages are ready.

Photo Gallery: Punk Ass Kids Winterfest ft DZ Deathrays + Grenadiers and more! - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (05.08.15)

Jessi Lou, Sailor Jerry and Rocket Bar + Rooftop present PUNK ASS KIDS WINTERFEST! It was a crazy night on the rooftop with local acts Grenadiers, Jungle City and Dead End Friends with headliners DZ Deathrays smashing up the stage. Free pinball, tattooing and DJ sets from Horror My Friend and Young Offenders capped off the night. Check out these photos from Punk Ass Kids resident photographer Elliot Clarke and our favorite photographer John Goodridge.

Live Review: Badhaus Thursdays at Rocket Bar, Adelaide ft. Electric Exiles + Cosmo Thundercat and more (26.03.15)

I can’t stress enough how great Rocket Bar is. Being open on a Wednesday night for Punk Ass Kids, Friday night for Cats and Saturday and Sunday, why the heck not throw a party on a Thursday night, right?! So that’s exactly what the dudes from Badhaus did! With entry only being 5 smackers and $5 drink specials all night long, your Friday mornings are starting to look hazier by the second... I know mine did!

Live Review: Apes + Rat Ta'Mango - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (05.12.14)

It’s been a long-time coming since first hearing their popular single “Seven” but I finally got to see Ballarat garage rock band APES and boy was it worth the wait.

Live Review: DMA’s + The Creases + Archers - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (09.10.14)

In the past few months, DMA's have achieved more than most young bands dream of achieving over the course of a few years. From being signed to I OH YOU to playing Splendour In The Grass, the journey of this Sydney trio thus far has to be what Hilary Duff was referring to when she said, "Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of". Making their first appearance in Adelaide last Thursday night at Rocket Bar, these Britpop bandits were eager to prove that their sudden popularity is more than just a matter of dumb luck.

Live Review: Fishing + Datãkae - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (29.08.14)

It's always a bit stressful planning your birthday party. Will people show up? Will there be enough booze? What if the music doesn't go to plan? When it was Adelaide's turn to officially celebrate six years of the AU review, we had all the components for a great party in place. A great venue in Rocket Bar (thanks to the crew at CATS), an even better group of people in the venue to celebrate and kick on, plus some great musicians in the joint to keep the party going.

Photo Gallery: the AU review's 6th Birthday Party Adelaide ft. Fishing + Datakae - Rocket Bar (29.08.14)

Six amazing years of our personal favourite website the AU Review celebrated on the rooftop at Rocket Bar. Adelaide musician Datakae and Sydney Duo Fishing were there to help celebrate along with a late surprise visit from The Kite String Tangle himself. Our photographer John Goodridge was there and grabbed a few snaps of the night.

Photo Gallery: Willow Beats + Oisima + Firs - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (15.08.14)

Willow Beats are over the moon to announce brand new music, the twilight swampy tones of Merewif. The duo have also just penned a record deal with Pilerats Records, and in celebration they are setting off across the country for a national single tour. With support from Oisima and Firs, they hit Rocket Bar in Adelaide and our photographer John Goodridge was there.

Live Review: REMi + L-Fresh The Lion + Tigerilla - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (05.07.14)

I'm excited to see REMi as I head out on a cold Saturday night in Adelaide. I haven't been to Rocket Bar in a while and while there aren't many people in the club when I arrive just short of 10pm, I'm aware that this is a sold out show, so I'm not too worried about the Melbourne artist having a small crowd.

Live Review: Thundamentals + Dialect and Despair - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (26.10.13)

Rocket Bar is hosting Adelaide’s hip-hop community tonight, or at least some of it (the other lot would be at the Ed Castle, I imagine). I arrive to check out Thundamentals bring their ‘Smiles Don’t Lie Tour’ through the city, getting to the venue just in time to see locals Dialect and Despair wrapping up their set. Australian hip-hop, to those who aren’t fans, has a rugged, bogan veneer but man, if you’ve not been a decently run show, you’re missing out on some serious fun.

Live Review: Loon Lake - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (18.10.13)

It’s a busy night in Adelaide, for a Friday. There’s a film festival on up the east end of the city and tonight, I’m rushing back into the CBD from the Adelaide Hills, where I was at a screening for one of these features. Down at Rocket Bar, there’s a sold out crowd waiting for some lads from Melbourne to play one summery set of tunes, right in time with this swing of warmer weather.

Photo Gallery: Oscar Key Sung + Swimming + Kindergarden Kings - Rocket Bar (23.08.13)

Cats at Rocket Bar once again host a night of interesting and creative music with Oscar Key Sung, Swimming and Kindergarten Kings. Our photographer John Goodridge was there to bring a few snaps from the night.

Photo Gallery: Jagwar Ma + Guerre - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (26.07.13)

Jagwar Ma perform as a three piece to the sold out Rocket Bar crowd. Performing tracks from the debut album Howlin', the trio left the audience gasping for more. Our photographer John Goodridge was there to bring you these images.

Live Review: Yuksek - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (11.07.13)

French electro lord Pierre-Alexandre Busson AKA Yuksek filled Rocket in Adelaide with his seductive brand of giddy-pop infused electronica on Thursday night, off the back of the announcement of his new label which is aptly named Partyfine.

Photo Gallery: The Tongue + Dialect & Despair + Til The Break - Rocket Bar (06.07.13)

We head to Adelaide's Rocket Bar to check out The Tongue with support from Dialect and Despair and Til The Break. Alex Kwong brings us photos from the night.