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Theatre Review: Heathers: The Musical - Brisbane QPAC (Performances through 17th January)


Whether your faith is a God, the community or a Seers shopping catalogue sometimes we don’t ask the higher powers for something but he gives it to us anyway. Was there a riot demanding the 1988 cult classic Heathers be revamped into a musical? Probably not. But Off-Broadway is one of those whimsical places that bring you not what you ask for but what you’d never think of, and now in Brisbane Heathers: The Musical is waiting for you.

Theatre Review: Intimate Letters featuring the Australian Chamber Orchestra - Concert Hall QPAC, Brisbane (18.08.14)

So I saw a band gig last night. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Australian Chamber Orchestra rings a bell? They are rad live. Jokes aside, QPAC opened up a portal to period of musical history that communicates to us in its most pure form – beautiful sounds. Intimate Letters in collaboration with Bell Shakespeare transmutes love letters, personal correspondence of sad acceptances and a certain intimacy maybe we weren’t meant to be privy to. I wasn’t joking about the live part though. ACO fills the space with an incredible force of music.

Theatre Review: Rolling Thunder Vietnam - QPAC, Brisbane (Touring Nationally)

Rock and roll will always be louder than a gunshot. Because no matter what happens, no matter want monstrosities and nightmares young people go through music will continue to amplify the sounds in our hearts and things we simply can’t say quietly to those we love. Rolling Thunder Vietnam is a true testament to this idea.

Katie Noonan and Circa present 'Love-Song-Circus'!

katie noonan

Composed by Katie Noonan, "Love-Song-Circus" is a tribute to convicted women etched in Australian history.

Steve Vai returns to Australia for July headline tour!

steve vai

Virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai has announced he will embark on a national theatre tour of Australia this July. Steve Vai has had a career spanning three decades, had more than 15 million album sales and three Grammy Awards.

Theatre Review: Legally Blonde (The Musical) - QPAC, Brisbane (04.04.13)

If you’re a girl who enjoys a good giggle, appreciates the value of a new outfit and believes in true love then this is the show for you! If you’re not one of these people... this is still the show for you!

They Will Have Their Way - QPAC, Brisbane (07.11.11)

Attending a Finn brothers tribute concert guarantees a number of things. Firstly you are going to know all the songs; all killer, no filler. Secondly, your mum is either going to be jealous, or sitting next to you. And finally, you’re going to leave feeling quite patriotic in a Crowded-House-were-pretty-much-Australian kind of way.