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Live Review: Big K.R.I.T + Milwaukee Banks + Preacha - Oxford Art Factory (27.09.15)

"A lot of people, when they come to my shows they get a good understanding of how much I believe in my own music...", Big K.R.I.T told me on the phone a few days prior to starting his debut Australian tour. The Mississippi emcee was to headline Outside In festival and also play a few solo shows around the country, and while he let me know what to expect, I still wasn't prepared for just how much energy and passion he brought to the stage. While I unfortunately missed him at Outside In, I made sure to catch him at Oxford Art Factory the following day, where he was given some great support from Aussie duo Milwaukee Banks and local DJ Preacha.

Photo Gallery: Walk The Moon + Yukon Blonde - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (13.09.15)

Walk The Moon were joined by Canada's Yukon Blonde at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory last night. Gwendolyn Lee was there and brings us these photos from the night:

Photo Gallery: Tkay Maidza - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (10.09.15)

Tkay Maidza

Adelaide's Tkay Maidza wowed a packed and enthusiastic crowd at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Thursday night. Jonathan Armstrong brings you these photos and you can read Jules' review of the show HERE.

Live Review: Tkay Maidza - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (10.09.15)

Nearly two years ago, a young, Adelaide rapper called Tkay Maidza played a much-hyped show at the Beresford Hotel in Sydney. It was a smallish gig, the crowd mostly made up of curious onlookers, industry people, and fans that had jumped on board her after the release of her first single, "Brontosaurus". What quickly become apparent as the night wore on was that Maidza was anything but a one hit wonder, her rapid fire flow searing through the beats. It was the most exciting thing to come from Australian rap in years.

Splendour Sideshow Review: Best Coast - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (28.07.15)

Bethany Cosentino is no longer just a chill Californian girl with a cat named Snacks who gets high and writes about her boyfriends. Now she's a chill Californian woman whose rock lyrics straddle mid 20's apathy and genuine existential crises. The music too has matured - from the minute long surf rock blitzes of debut Crazy For You, to the fully realised pop hooks of 2015's California Nights.

Splendour Sideshow Photo Gallery: MØ + Elliphant - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (29.07.15)

and Elliphant performed their Splendour In The Grass side show at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney last night. Belinda Dipalo was there to bring you these photos!

Live Review: Wolf Alice - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (24.07.15)

Every few years, a great rock band emerges from England and comes to our shores around Splendour In the Grass. This time, it’s Wolf Alice. Their no-nonsense set put music at the forefront and a lack of theatrics complements the dysphoria in many of their tracks. In the underground Oxford Art Factory, it felt like we’d travelled back in time 20 years – and the all-black band attire (except for drummer Joel Amey in red plaid) certainly added to that.

Photo Gallery: The Jungle Giants - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (23.05.15)

The Jungle Giants played a sold out show at the Oxford Art Factory over the weekend - check out these photos from the night, snapped by Bruce Baker!

Live Review: Gang of Youths - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (15.05.15)

David Le'aupepe shimmied his way across the stage, caught midway into live, favourite and inevitable single "Magnolia". As he delivers the line, "I'm drunk but I'm ready to kick some ass tonight", he flexes his arm showing he means business. It's theatrical flair, packaged with a neat grin.

Photo Gallery: Gang of Youths + ECCA VANDAL + Big White - Oxford Art Factory (15.05.15)

Gang of Youths celebrated the launch of their new album The Positions with a sold out Oxford Art Factory gig in Sydney last Friday night. The boys gave a taste of the new album with a cover of Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You' thrown in. Supports were ECCA VANDAL and Big White. Photos by Johnny Au.

Live Review: PEACE - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (08.05.15)

As soon as Peace took to the stage in Sydney's underground Oxford Art Factory, the space took off with an intensity of sound that made it seem like an outdoor festival. I saw Peace play the same venue two years ago and their confidence levels are now even higher, it felt like a seasoned rock band was performing, instead of a new indie collective.

Live Review: Steve Smyth + Spookyland - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (25.04.15)

It isn’t hard to imagine Steve Smyth as some depression era tramp, travelling across the country trading a story and a song for a meal and then moving along to the next destination. Sure his wild and wiry beard lend themselves greatly to this image, but there is more to it than that. There is an unbridled spirit and passion that is contained within his performances and music. Each song is played as if his life depends upon it and that he would be lost if he was anywhere else. It’s this passion that has seen him move from playing small pubs and clubs to headlining the Oxford Art Factory on ANZAC Day with minimal promotion.

Live Review: George Maple + Moon Holiday - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (24.04.15)

George Maple has spent a lot of time lending her talents to other artists projects. Her vocals and writing credits have appeared on various other peoples projects. Her vocals forming the central appeal of tracks for producers both home and abroad. Her soulful and sultry vocal sidling perfectly onto Snakehips "On & On" and appearing on songs for Future Classic Labelmates Flume and Flight Facilities.

Live Review: Band of Skulls - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (09.04.15)

Band of Skulls played an intimate Bluesfest sideshow to an enthusiastic crowd at Oxford Art Factory.

Photo Gallery: Band of Skulls + Spookyland - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (09.04.15)

Elliot Oakes captured Band of Skulls on Thursday night, performing alongside Spookyland at the Oxford Art Factory in a special Bluesfest sideshow. Check out the photos here: