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BIGSOUND 2015: From TV sync and movie tie-ins to biggest regrets - Highlights from Day Three of the Conference

Brisbane’s BIGSOUND conference wraps up with a smaller and less intensive program, along with a slightly smaller and much more hungover crowd who have spent the last 3 days running between the conference, industry parties and checking as many of the 150+ acts as possible at BIGSOUND Live.

BIGSOUND 2015: From the state of hip hop to the industry's devaluation of women - Highlights from Day Two of the Conference

Pictured: Nick DiDia, Anna Laverty, Stuart Stuart, Adam Spark and Kim Moyes

BIGSOUND Day two taught us about the roots of hip-hop, gave us hard evidence of the effect a producer has on music, and, rightfully, pulled the industry's devaluation of women into the spotlight.

BIGSOUND 2015: From the diving Aussie dollar to Tame Impala and the digital age - Highlights From Day One of the Conference

Pictured: The Wide World of Music panel featuring Ruth Barlow - Beggars Group UK (GBR), Millie Millgate - SOUNDS AUSTRALIA (AUS), Blake Rayner - Dew Process, Create/Control, Secret Sounds Touring (AUS), Danny Rogers - Lunatic Entertainment and St Jerome's Laneway Festival (AUS), Dan Rosen - ARIA and PPCA (AUS) and Jacqueline Saturn - Harvest Records (USA)

BIGSOUND Day 1 taught us that being an Australian musician is a good selling point, streaming is the new norm, and that Tame Impala's new album is everyone's favourite thing. The AU's Aidan Hogg was there to catch the industry panels and speeches:

BIGSOUND 2015: Highlights from Peter Garrett's opening keynote

Peter Garrett kicked off 2015’s BIGSOUND conference with his opening keynote speech, covering the positive and negative changes in the music industry, as well as his key points of wisdom, "the one minute version before the 48 minute version".

Theatre Review: Caligula - The Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane (Performances Through July 12th)

Danger Ensemble has tight-roped the line of art and massacre once again in this bizarre and sometimes startling portrayal of Caligula. It’s hard to draw a line in the sand with these guys. At times there is a beautiful and stunning quality to the ensembles’ movements. These performers have demonstrated choreography and expression at its finest.

Event Review: BIGSOUND Day Three (12.09.13)

The mood at BIGSOUND early this morning was notably more sombre in comparison with the exciting flurry of activity of the previous day. More than a few people were nursing the aftermath of a big night with the help of coffees, energy drinks and sneaky naps in the foyer. Thankfully for those who managed to get there in time, the morning began with a Q&A with Amanda Palmer, an event that has certainly been one of the highlights of the conference. In an interview with Mikey Cahill, Palmer talked extensively about Kickstarter, her poem about the Boston bomber, feminism, her new band, record and touring.

Event Review: BIGSOUND Day Two (11.09.13)

BIGSOUND Festival Hypothetical

The second day of BIGSOUND was technically the first day of the traditional conference program and marked the beginning of the frenzied meetings, interviews and water cooler conversations. Ironically, most of the conference tends to happen outside of the official conference - it is incredibly convenient to have the country's industry professionals all in the one building. So as managers, promoters, bands, journalists and others ducked out to the nearby pubs and cafes for a quick chat with each other, the main official program charged ahead.

Event Review: BIGSOUND Day One (10.09.13)

The official start of BIGSOUND today marked the beginning of the conference, showcases, parties and live music. Now in its 12th year, BIGSOUND 2013 has already offered plenty of musical food for thought to delegates who have travelled from all over the country and beyond to meet in Brisbane and 'talk shop.' The highlight of the day's forums and workshops was a keynote speech and Q&A (hosted by Julia Zemiro) with homegrown music legend, Nick Cave, who provided an entertaining insight into the music industry and his career via video link.

Theatre Review: Fight or Flight - Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (11.07.13)

The Judith Wright Center is known for its quirky, avant-garde performances. True to form, the premiere and award-winning performance Fight or Flight is anything but ordinary! Presented by 3 is a Crowd, this crazy ensemble will shock and surprise you with their astounding physical ability and hilarious theatrical performance.

Theatre Review: Salon - Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane (22.06.13)

If you’re looking for a little something different, maybe even a little strange, then look no further then Salon at the Judith Wright Center for Contemporary Arts, where local performers are bringing audiences of Brisbane an evening like no other! I must admit that I had no idea what was going on in this tribute to the 1920’s exotic bohemian era, but that didn’t make it any less spectacular!

Live Review: Geppetto + Silver Sircus - Judith Wright Center, Brisbane (05.10.12)

A trio from the music collective Silver Sircus opened proceedings to a mainly full audience at the Judith Wright Center. Consisting of a piano, cello and vocalist, they performed a mix of their own tracks and a number of covers.

Event Review: Little BIGSOUND - The Judith Wright Centre (15.09.12)

Little BIGSOUND may only be in its second year, but its execution was far from amateur. Rather, the one day forum designed to assist youths aspiring to break into the music industry was fantastically programmed, bringing in a range of accomplished figures in the music industry to share their experiences and advice. Constructed to assist with a number of challenges confronting young people aiming to find a place in the industry, attendees are sure to have walked away very much the wiser.

Event Review: BIGSOUND 2012 - (12.09.12 - 14.09.12)

As a vibrant, exciting and highly informative music conference that brings together a vast number of figures in the local and international music industry, Bigsound is an event well worth being a part of. Held at a range of venues and bars in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley from last Wednesday to Friday, the Bigsound program was bursting with an array of interesting seminars and live performances, presenting attendees with some difficult decisions when it came to planning our schedules.