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Live Review: SAFIA - Factory Theatre, Sydney (10.09.15)

“Do you guys want an album?” Safia’s loved vocalist Ben Woolner screamed out to a sold out Factory Theatre. In reverse career mode, the Canberra three-piece is now a household name in Australian music with just five official singles. They brought stadium level dynamics to a medium-sized venue (read: strobe lights and moving visuals) and turned an local weeknight gig into something really memorable.

Live Review: New Found Glory + Bayside + The Wonder Years - Factory Theatre, Sydney (27.02.15)

As Soundwave rolls into town for another year, punters are forced to choose between a slew of great bills. For fans of pop-punk it was hard to go past a triple bill of The Wonder Years, Bayside and New Found Glory.

Photo Gallery: New Found Glory + Bayside + The Wonder Years - Factory Theatre (27.02.15)

In yet another amazing Sidewaves triple bill,New Found Glory were joined by Bayside and The Wonder Years in Sydney. Evelyn Tija was there and brings us these photos:

Live Review: Of Mice and Men + Atreyu + The Devil Wears Prada - The Factory Theatre, Sydney (25.02.15)

There were nostalgic memories of my teenage years as I stepped into the Factory Theatre on Wednesday night for one of the many Sidewaves happening in Sydney. The venue filled up quickly and once the lights dimmed, I knew that the madness would commence in a matter of minutes. Making an extravagant entrance, The Devil Wears Prada stood on stage with so much pride. Sensing from the infectious energy that reflected upon their stance as a band, there was no way any of them could sit still. Unclean vocalist, Mike, leapt on stage so fiercely and so passionately that it was honestly second nature to him. Atmospheric for the most part, it was confronting to see a band lose their shit across stage. But there was no way in hell anybody was getting in their way.

Hello Asia! Live Review: Shonen Knife - The Factory Theatre (24.01.15)

The Factory Theatre was alive with an amazing energy when Shonen Knife decided to pay a visit to our shores, the crowd was certainly a mix of fans when the ladies came on stage and everybody who was anybody was dancing and singing along with them as they played trough their rock repertoire. Shonen Knife were supported by rock duo Polish Club and rock band Step-Panther, two amazing groups which left the crowd very excited for the main event!

Photo Gallery: Shonen Knife + Step-Panther - Factory Theatre, Sydney (24.01.15)

Shonen Knife were in overdrive last night at the Factory Theatre and played an electric fast paced set supported by Step-Panther. Dan Turner was there and brings us these photos from the night:

Hello Asia! Live Review: Broken Doll - The Factory Theatre (22.11.14)

Broken Doll took us to Harajuku and back last week at the Factory Theatre and a few lucky fans who showed up early were able to spot the band before the show as they waited outside the venue. As the doors opened, there was a little corner of paradise at the merchandise table filled with accessories made by members of the band as well as a CD for the Australian tour. Both Kensuke and Sachi were decked out in the store's accessories with Sachi also sporting a cute dress and manicure.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: Broken Doll + Vanity Riots + Flower Truck - Factory Floor, Sydney (22.11.14)

The 1980's-inspired Japanese punk rock band, Broken Doll, performed in Sydney for the first time at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville. They put on an unbelievable performance along with supporting acts Vanity Riots and Flower Truck. Photos by Ashley Joanna.

Live Review: Paul Dempsey + Alexander Gow - Factory Theatre, Sydney (07.11.14)

2014 has been a collective pat on the back for Paul Dempsey. Celebrating 20 years of Something For Kate has brought his legacy as a songwriter to the forefront and not that it ever may have been a concern, but no longer must he be concerned with relevancy or industry trends. His work is now settled collectively into our cultural background, his music regarded as classic Australian cannon.

Festival Review: The Blurst of Times - The Factory Theatre, Sydney (25.10.14)

Guitars and subverted Simpsons t-shirts ruled Blurst of Times' Sydney debut. Its debut went off without a major hitch, even with some last minute timetable shuffling to adjust to. With The Factory Theatre proving to be a perfect space for the event, triumphing over the aural assault that marred OutsideIn last year. This was accomplished without actually putting the Factory Theatre stage to use, utilizing the smaller Fusebox and Factory Floor stages, and the smart move of setting up a main stage outside. Pushing revelries out in to the open air and giving itself a true festival atmosphere.

Live Review: Veruca Salt - Factory Theatre, Sydney (27.09.14)

Veruca Salt recently reformed their original line up and played their first Australian shows in more than ten years. With sold out shows across the country, Veruca Salt showed us that they haven't lost their edge.

Photo Gallery: Veruca Salt - Factory Theatre, Sydney (27.09.14)

The original members of Veruca Salt - Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack and Jim Shapiro - recently announced an epic reunion tour that sees them playing their first shows together since 1998. This took them to the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on Saturday night. Read the Chantel Bann's interview with Louise Post HERE and check out her photos from the night here:

Sydney Comedy Festival Review: Dave Hughes - Factory Theatre (09.05.14)

Dave Hughes’ strine is as recognisable as an ambulance or car horn but at his recent show at the Factory Theatre it was like music to the ears of comedy fans. The former star of The Project and The Glass House brought his laidback, ocker approach to his stand-up show à la Carl Baron, but he also peppered his routines with sarcastic rants about his kids and modern life in a similar way to Dylan Moran and Alan Davies. It was fun, entertaining and funny.

Photo Gallery: Devendra Banhart - The Factory Theatre, Sydney (16.04.14)

Devendra Banhart performed his Sydney Bluesfest sideshow at The Factory Theatre and Belinda Dipalo was there to take these photos.

Live Review: Mia Dyson + Jep & Dep - The Factory Floor, Sydney (03.04.14)

When Mia Dyson walks on - cutting a lean figure in tight blue pants, short brown hair flopping rock-star like across her face – and launches into the rolling “When The Moment Comes”, a great wave of warmth comes pouring off the stage. It’s bluesy and bruising, pushed forward by Dyson’s muscular guitar chops and the snare rolls of drummer Danny McKenna. The sound is eminently comfortable, so rooted in the traditional that it all feels familiar. Or perhaps Dyson just makes it so.