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Arts Review: Video Games Live – Enmore Theatre (30.07.15)

Speak to any video gamer and you’ll find that within the hours of gameplay exists incredibly fond memories- of characters they have bonded with, of excruciatingly difficult levels, of the memorable music that has accompanied them on their journeys across distant lands and into boss battles. Even if they are themselves unaware of presence, play them a little sample and they’ll likely be able to immediately tell you the part of the game in which it played. It is in celebration of these beloved musical memories of video gaming that the concert series Video Games Live exists, and what a celebration!

Photo Gallery: Gurrumul + Caiti Baker - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (29.07.15)

Gurrumul kicked off his highly anticipated Australian theatre tour in Sydney, with a wonderful show at the Enmore Theatre. Gwen Lee caught some amazing shots of the artist, supported by Caiti Baker.

Photo Gallery: Porter Robinson + Cosmo's Midnight + Wave Racer - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (22.07.15)

Porter Robinson headlined a sold-out show at the Enmore Theatre, supported by Cosmos's Midnight and - all three played to a wildly enthusiastic crowd. Bruce Baker caught the excitement of the night!

the AU interview: Jenny Lewis (USA) talks Splendour in the Grass, album 'Voyager' and more

Jenny Lewis is now embarking on her third visit to Australia with new record The Voyager and a different band. Jenny opened up to the AU review's Johhny Au, revealing the lengthy process to creating her first solo album - 6 years to be exact. "It came about in a transition time for me, where a lot of things in my real life were colliding." Lewis describes performer Ryan Adams as the perfect person to "push her towards the microphone and sing her songs". She describes the tour, as more of a relief to perform the record she took so long to create.

Live Review: Johnny Marr + Flyying Colours - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (20.07.15)

Photo Credit: Gwen Lee

Should Johnny Marr be re-named 'Johnny Young'? That was the question at Marr’s Enmore show in Sydney on Monday night. And it wasn’t because he resembled the former host of Young Talent Time but because the former Smiths guitarist oozed energy and charisma. This was definitely a case of a charming man looking half his age but playing with the virtuosity of a hardened axeman over double his age.

Live Review: Porter Robinson - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (22.07.15)

Cartoons and confetti on a weeknight sound like a child’s dream and Porter Robinson’s Worlds show at the Enmore Theatre was a dream of sorts. He moved through the new record almost seamlessly with striking visuals and festival-sized effects that made it feel like there was more than one young producer up on stage.

Photo Gallery: Johnny Marr + Flyying Colours - Enmore Theatre (20.07.15)

Johnny Marr and his band played a brilliant set at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney, supported by Flyying Colours! Gwen Lee was down there to grab these amazing shots!

Live Review: Hermitude + Jayteehazard + Basenji - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (26.06.15)

Hermitude seize the improvised element of a live rock show and run it through their own, and the effect is captivating. All I could think is why aren’t they performing at an overseas festival right now.*

Photo Gallery: Hermitude - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (26.06.15)

Mikki Gomez brings us photos from the sold out Hermitude concert in Sydney on Friday night - featuring the NSW duo in action... and we get a glimpse at some of their well dressed fans...

Exclusive Video Interview: Pat Mahoney talks "Atomic Bomb! The Music of William Onyeabor" ahead of Bonnaroo

Back in January, we presented a special video featuring the team behind the Sydney Festival production Atomic Bomb! The Music of William Onyeabor and now, with the show popping up all over the world, including at the upcoming Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee later this month, we thought we'd bring you the FULL interview, unseen until now, of LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney who talks more about how the show all came to be...

the AU interview: Tommy Chong (USA) Discusses His Greatest Hits, Getting Older and What's Next


This June, Cheech and Chong will be embarking upon a nation-wide tour performing their greatest hits, movie moments and musical undertakings. Scott Aitken chatted with Tommy Chong ahead of shows to discuss the comedic duo's legacy, coming to the end of touring and what's next for him and the pair. Tommy also lets us know what we can expect from their shows, who came up with the idea for the tour and more...

Sydney Comedy Festival Review: The Stevenson Experience - Enmore Theatre (Performances to May 2nd)

Ben and James Stevenson are the dynamic, identical twins that make up the musical comedy act The Stevenson Experience. Originally from Canberra, the duo have gone on to sell out shows all around Australia, including the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Canberra Comedy Festival. Also nominated for 2015's Best Comedy at the Perth Fringe, there's no doubt that these guys are on the fast-track to success. Helen attended their sold out Sydney Comedy Festival show Who Dares Twins at the Enmore Theatre. Here's what you missed...

Sydney Comedy Festival Review: Luke Heggie - Enmore Theatre (Performances to May 2nd)

Luke Heggie sounds like a grouch. He might be a nice guy but, he is ready to offend, the thought of it seems to excite him. He expects it, someone to be pissed off or offended by his cross section of suburban Australian culture. His show Your Not That Special follows the loose structure of the characters that you meet at your standard Australian backyard BBQ. Few people are spared, from self serious gym junkies to doomsday prepper ex-cops to smoking shop owners and spa’s.

Sydney Comedy Festival Review: Cracker Comedy Night - Enmore Theatre (20.04.15)

The Sydney Comedy Festival has grown over recent years from what was initially the poorer cousin of the Melbourne Comedy Festival to become an anticipated annual staple in its home city. This year’s gala, the Cracker Comedy Night showcased a huge range of performers across local and international and old and new...

Photo Gallery: Michael Franti's Soulshine Festival - Enmore Theatre (05.04.15)

Michael Franti introduced his very own yoga and music festival called Soulshine to the Enmore Theatre last night. Combining a yoga session before the concert with acoustic grooves provided by Michael Franti himself, the music portion included artists such as Anabelle Kay, SOJA and of course Michael Franti & Spearhead. All is part of this year's Bluesfest sideshow. Photos by Johnny Au.