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Photo Gallery: Dave graney and the mistLY - Camelot Lounge (29.05.15)

Dave Graney plays his guitar, standing in front of a projected image of himself.

"Legendary mysterious loud mouth invisible rock singer cowboys" Dave Graney and The MistLY (Clare Moore and Stu Thomas) entertained an enthusiastic crowd in an intimate performance at Django Bar, Camelot Lounge. Jonathan Armstrong was there to capture the action.

Live Review: Jaron Freeman-Fox and The Opposite of Everything - Camelot Lounge, Sydney (15.01.15)

It's all too rare to see an artist genuinely doing something that seems to run against what is "popular", or deemed "sellable" for either commercial or "indie cred" success. Underneath the demeanour of any artist is the drive for success, and though one would assume Canada's Jaron Freeman-Fox is no different, when it comes to his music, one this is for sure: he's trying to offer something different. But he probably tells that story best through the name of his four piece backing band, The Opposite of Everything.

Photo Gallery: Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything - Camelot Lounge (15.01.15)

Canadian violinist/composer Jaron Freeman-Fox performed at Camelot Lounge in Sydney last week with his band The Opposite of Everything. Photos by Johnny Au.

Arts Review: Little Egypt's Speakeasy, Django Bar (Camelot Lounge), Sydney (performances through to Sunday 9th November)

Forget coffee, there’s nothing better than a little burlesque to get you through the working (or non-working) week, except maybe when it’s combined with a lot of live music (self-proclaimed Sydney’s sexiest, and who am I to argue).

Live Review: 'Femme Locale' feat. Brotherfunk + Inês + Rachael Zella and the Blackbirds - The Camelot Lounge, Sydney (08.08.13)

Femme Locale’s momentum has been increasing at a rapid rate. Not only have there been three showcases in the last four months, but the crowds and artists have both been getting bigger. The most recent touchdown was at The Camelot Lounge, featuring the talent of Rachael Zella and the Blackbirds, Inês and Brotherfunk. As an added bonus, the night was hosted by the hilarious Ms Gigi Fontaine, and it was easily the best showcase yet.