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Hello Asia! Live Review: BIGBANG MADE World Tour - Allphones Arena, Sydney (17.10.15)

It finally happened! South Korean superstars BIGBANG finally set foot on the land down under - and they've definitely left their mark! VIPs were left exhausted by the end of the night from all the jumping, dancing and singing along to a setlist of classics. Plus, if you've been following our BIGBANG concert livetweeting session on Twitter, you may have noticed that over the course of the two hours I may or may not have developed a teeny-tiny crush on Daesung. How did that happen, you ask? Let me start from the beginning...

Ten Things We Learnt About BIGBANG From Their MADE Tour In Sydney

Well Day 1 of the BIGBANG concerts in Sydney (the boys first ever time performing in Australia!) just ended, and boy was the (long) wait worth it. Let’s just say this VIP will probably be sleeping with a crown-shaped lightstick nightlight for a while.

Live Review: Motley Crue + Alice Cooper - Allphones Arena, Sydney (16.05.15)

This year, an epic 35 year run in music is coming to its inevitable end, with Mötley Crüe making their last ever stop in Sydney at the Allphones Arena. The glam four-piece was accompanied by legend in his own right, Alice Cooper.

Photo Gallery: Backstreet Boys - Allphones Arena, Sydney (09.05.15)

Gwendolyn Lee brings us photos from the Backstreet Boys at Allphones Arena in Sydney!

Live Review: Backstreet Boys - Allphones Arena, Sydney (09.05.15)

Backstreet’s back and these five men, well grown from boys, are very much here to put on a show for the largely female 25 to 40 year olds dominating the audience tonight. AJ Maclean, Howie Dorough (aka Howie D), Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell’s collective appeal has hardly waned in 20 years it seems. Appearing silhouetted red on the top of the pyramid stairs, with a James Bond 007 entrance track they waste no time launching into their set.

Live Review: The Script + Colton Avery - Allphones Arena, Sydney (01.05.15)

Last October, Sydney fans were fortunate enough to be graced with a show by The Script at The Metro in the midst of the promotion for their latest album, No Sound Without Silence. Just seven months later, the Irish rocking trio has returned to Aussie shores on their world tour.

Photo Gallery: Drake + 2 Chainz + P Reign - Allphones Arena, Sydney (25.02.15)

Drake headlined a sold out show at Allphones Arena in Sydney on Wednesday night, supported by 2 Chainz and P Reign. Nathan Atkins was there and brings us these photos from the set:

Live Review: Drake + 2 Chainz + P Reign + One Day DJs - Allphones Arena, Sydney (25.02.15)

Photo Credit: Nathan Atkins for the AU review

When Drake was announced as the headliner for this year's Future Music Festival we all knew that there just had to be some sideshows. It's his first time down in Australia, and demand for Drake is only getting higher. The length we waited for him to perform in Australia was rewarded with extra effort on everyone's behalf, and a set list that is far better (and longer) than the recent ones he has been performing. But first, let's start at the beginning.

Live Review: Justin Timberlake - Allphones Arena, Sydney (01.10.14)

Justin Timberlake's profile is such that he can cause mass hysteria in a crowd of 20,000+ just by snapping his fingers and showing us a little fancy footwork. The swagger this man possesses sets him apart in the pop world, his image forever boosted by the incredible transformation from corny boy band member to sultry R&B superstar he seamlessly went through all those years ago.

Photo Gallery: Keith Urban - Allphones Arena, Sydney (21.06.14)

Keith Urban stunned a Sydney crowd at Allphones Arena over the weekend with an awesome live show. Ashley Mar was there and brings you this gallery.

Live Review: Keith Urban + Sheppard - Allphones Arena, Sydney (21.06.14)

For anybody who thinks that going to a Keith Urban concert is going to be littered with a country-hoedown-experience, they’re way off the mark. It’s a fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza with some notable guest-stars hopping on stage and some fine showmanship from one of the nicest guys in the music business.

Live Review: Michael Buble + Naturally 7 - Allphones Arena, Sydney (09.05.14)

It's evident that Michael Buble has a special place in his heart for his Australian fans, as this is where he got his first big break in 2000, just before he almost gave up on music. Thankfully he didn't, as his popularity and success over the last 14 years has only grown, and with good reason, as his live performance is slick, sophisticated, elegant and engaging. His first of four Sydney shows at Allphones Arena, was to a packed house of ardent fans.

Photo Gallery: Michael Buble - Allphones Arena (09.05.14)

Michael Buble charmed the big crowd at Allphones Arena last night. Photos by Ashley Mar.

Live Review: John Mayer + Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Allphones Arena (24.04.14)

For many, the music of John Mayer has long been the soundtrack to life, full of raw, honest songs which are packed full of emotion. Such is the songwriting that has made him a household name and one of the most prominent figures in popular music today.

Photo Gallery: John Mayer - Allphones Arena, Sydney (24.04.14)

American singer, songwriter and guitarist John Mayer wowed the crowd at Allphones Arena on Thursday night, playing an energetic set of songs from his newest album, mixed with some classic fan favourites. Our photographer Jason Li was there to capture all the action!