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Live Review: Meg Mac + SKIES - Adelaide Unibar (24.09.15)

Meg Mac rolled into the Uni Bar on the wave of extreme hype after strong sales on her “Never Be” tour, including a sell-out and added show in Melbourne. Following her gospel-infused single “Never Be” released in late July this year, Meg Mac has been gaining unstoppable momentum as she looks to conquer Australia.

Photo Gallery: Tkay Maidza - Unibar, Adelaide (17.09.15)

Adelaide's own Tkay Maidza came home to a heroes welcome as she lit up the stage (literally) at the Adelaide Unibar last night. AU photographer Lauren Connelly was there and you can enjoy her photos here:

Live Review: Gang of Youths + Zefereli + I Know Leopard - Adelaide UniBar (04.09.15)

Gang of Youths, and their debut record The Positions, have been embraced by critics and fans alike over the past year. Back in South Australia, they brought their energetic live show to a sold-out crowd at Adelaide UniBar on Friday night.

Photo Gallery: Gang of Youths + Zefereli + I Know Leopard - Adelaide Unibar (04.09.15)

Gang of Youths revisited Adelaide to bring their high energy show to the Adelaide Unibar. They performed with their friends Zefereli and I Know Leopard. Chad Lofts was there and brings you these photos...

Live Review: Timberwolf + Stonefox + Skies - Adelaide Unibar, Adelaide (28.08.15)

Adelaide is coming up with some cool things right now... The Timberwolf show at the UniBar on Friday night was a good example of this – of the three bands on the lineup, two (including the headliner) were very talented local bands. It's a good thing to see.

Live Review: The Jungle Giants + Moses Gunn Collective + Foreign/National - Adelaide Unibar (30.05.15)

The Jungle Giants made their return to Adelaide after some time away to an enthusiastic, sold out Unibar crowd. The line up is a triple j loving, indie pop fan dream and is a good indicator of some of the great talent currently emerging out of the country's east coast at the moment. In both Foreign/National and Moses Gunn Collective we have two incredibly promising live bands, so I've got to thank The Jungle Giants and their tour organisers for giving both the platform to reach more people around the country on this run.

Live Review: sleepmakeswaves + Gay Paris - Adelaide Unibar (29.05.15)

Photo: Stuart Sevastos.

Having missed sleepmakeswaves at Jive the last time they were in Adelaide, I knew I couldn't miss out on seeing them again, as it was quite obvious the momentum generating around their music was only continuing to grow stronger and stronger. They were upgrading venues with each tour, so going from seeing them blow the roof off the small Cranka bandroom back in 2013 to seeing them now performing at the Adelaide Unibar in 2015, was an experience I was glad to have been a part of.

Live Review: Northeast Party House + Food Court + West Thebarton Brothel Party - Adelaide Unibar (04.04.15)

It's been a while since Northeast Party House had performed in Adelaide and going off the reaction the Melbourne band received from the Unibar crowd on Easter Saturday, it'd been far too long for their liking. Bringing the 'Double Darts Tour' to Adelaide and then Ballarat this weekend, NPH showed no signs of weariness or complacency as they took to the stage and ripped the Unibar a new one.

Live Review: mewithoutYou + Elliot The Bull + Stranger Things Have Happened + Sincerely, Grizzly - Adelaide UniBar (24.01.15)

“This song is about a bear committing suicide”. That's how mewithoutYou singer Aaron Weiss introduced their second to last song of their set in Adelaide's UniBar on the 24th of January. It's that kind of thing – the song was 'Bears Vision of St Agnes' from Ten Stories, by the way – that sums up the blend of bizarrely entertaining and deeply maudlin that mewithoutYou bring to both their live show and their albums.

Live Review: Cloud Nothings + Sincerely, Grizzly + West Thebarton Brothel Party - Adelaide Unibar (09.12.14)

I've been attending shows in this fine city for years now and still, the concept of have a decently attended gig on a weeknight freaks me out slightly. Sure, there has been a nice resurgence in a love of live music within the community over the past few years especially, but as I stand inside the Adelaide Unibar, a venue which soon may be no more, I'm still a bit worried that people won't turn up to play for our international guests tonight. Cloud Nothings had added an Adelaide date to their short run of Meredith Festival sideshows and I was stoked to finally be able to see the Ohio rock band perform, having missed them at the clusterfuck of a festival that was Laneway 2013.

Live Review: The Delta Riggs + Lime Cordiale - Adelaide Unibar (27.11.14)

I feel ashamed that it's taken me this long to see The Delta Riggs perform a full set. After repeatedly confusing them for Kingswood at various events, I remember getting a hold of the Melbourne band's new album Dipz Zebazios and thinking two things. One, my previous comparison had been way off and two, this record was one of the best Australian albums I'd heard all year.

Live Review: Kingswood + The Sinking Teeth + The Grenadiers - Adelaide Unibar (24.10.14)

Sometimes when you've had a bad work week, all you want to do at the end of it is go somewhere or do something that requires little to no thinking, beer and a sense of not giving a crap. If you work in music, sometimes the perfect remedy for this is a loud rock show. Thankfully, there was a line up at the Adelaide Unibar which took care of it perfectly overnight. Melbourne's Kingswood were back in town to wind up their massive album tour for Microscopic Wars, a tour they'd started here back in August. If I'm honest, the first show of that tour had everything working against it, so it seemed like tonight was a perfect opportunity for the band to return and play the show many fans had been expecting. And with an extra show being added in Adelaide, the demand was obviously high.

Photo Gallery: Bluejuice + Tkay Maidza - Adelaide Uni Bar (24.09.14)

When Bluejuice promise you one last BJ you know it's got to be a good one. And the Sydney lads didn't disappoint one bit. At the end everyone was feeling a little moist and spent. Our photographer John Goodridge was there, of course, to soak up the atmosphere and whatever else was flying around.

Live Review: Bluejuice + Tkay Maidza + Jody - Adelaide Unibar (24.09.14)

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one: Bluejuice breaking up sucks. A lot. It sucks because they're just one of many Australian bands who went years without being given the amount of recognition they deserved and now, as their almost completely sold out farewell tour dictates, people are coming out of the woodwork to show the Sydneysiders a fucktonne of love and support that should really have been there all along. But I digress. This isn't about how I feel about the topic, this is about tonight's gig at the Adelaide Unibar, the first of two gigs here, the first of the band's final hurrah - 'The Retrospectable Tour'.

Live Review: Broods + Jarryd James + East - Unibar, Adelaide (08.08.14)

A night of fresh discoveries and overwhelming talent, New Zealand sibling duo Broods along with East and Jaryd James satisfied a buzzing Adelaide Unibar on Thursday night.