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I now live in what I consider Australia's most exciting cities both for it's live music, coffee, and cafe culture. We are incredibly fortunate here in Melbourne as we have a steady stream of emerging talent that keeps me busy most weekends. I love looking up smaller venues and randomly picking a gig to go to without any prior knowledge of the band. I am yet to see a band that are terrible, instead I have found some really great bands that I hope will develop larger followings. What I love about being a music writer, more importantly than having the opportunity to see lots of my favourite bands, is that it allows me to help the smaller local bands gain recognition. Who knows, you could be supporting the next Arcade Fire or Radiohead....or you could be supporting a band who release an incredible debut then call it quits like Snakadaktal. Yes, I am clearly still upset about that.

Some of my favourite live music moments so far would be
- Coachella Festival 2014
- Seeing Arcade Fire three times in one week in 2008
- Being on the barrier for Arcade Fire's show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl earlier this year
- Seeing The National earlier this year at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl
- Attending Snakadaktal's Farewell show at The Northcote Social Club
- Watching The Paper Kites rehearse for their 2014 NZ/Aus Tour

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