Perth's Snowman to return with new album Absence, set for release on 22 April 2011



Snowman bring you a new body of work; the brooding, haunting album Absence, set for release on 22 April 2011 via Dot Dash / Remote Control.

The once Perth-based four piece met on the edge of the known world (aka Perth), formed a band and released two albums (including the critically acclaimed The Horse, The Rat and The Swan in 2008) before the forces of the universe sprayed their molecular structures back across the globe. Joseph McKee (guitar, vocals) lives a suitably decaying life in London; the excitable guy who flapped around the stage like wounded bird, designs bridges and motorways whilst living in an ivy clad university town. The rhythm section started a family in Iceland, lured there by the promise of work in an abattoir.

Of the new album, McKee says “Absence is more seductive and more giving than the last record. It is a communication between the living and the dead. The ideas grew from months of travel, being away from home and its comforts/familiarities”.

“We were becoming increasingly aware that Snowman was on her last legs. So the album was shaped as a parting gift. A swan song of sorts. A ‘hometown farewell kiss’. All these feeling are wrapped up in a story of two lovers. One passes away and the other tries to communicate with the others ghost. Absence is our sunset, It feels like the perfect way to end our trilogy of albums. It completes the triangle”.

Absence was recorded with Aaron Cupples (The Drones, Civil Civic, Paul Kelly, Dan Kelly) at various locations around London: a railway arch, a couple of studios in Hackney and in his flat in Dalston.

Δbsence track listing:

1. Snakes & Ladders

2. Hyena

3. White Wall

4. Séance

5. Δ

6. Memory Lost

7. A Vanishing Act

8. Absence