Peabody Kick Off Album Launch Tour Next Week


“…the picture they’re creating is approaching masterpiece status.” Drum Media Sydney
“A great rock band with something new to say… a distinctive rock attack that in the end sounds like no one else.” Rave Magazine
Come and see what all the fuss is about when Peabody kicks off their Loose Manifesto album launch tour next week. Catch Peabody at The Harp Hotel in Wollongong next Thursday 28 October, supported by The Solid Gold Bastards and Dictaphone Blues (NZ), and at Yah Yah’s in Melbourne next Friday 29 October, supported by The Rostovs and Dictaphone Blues (NZ).

Loose Manifesto has created a stir among the critics, with some reviewers getting themselves in a knot over how to digest the album’s anti-art, anti-concept-album aesthetics. Read the reviews at or check out the quotes below to see a fine example of some confronted critics.

Espousing all the punk rock aesthetics and themes of the Swiss World War I ‘anti-art’ movement, Dada (or Dadaism), Loose Manifesto ridicules the meaninglessness of the modern world through a series of short bursts, aural assaults, hypnotic rhythms, verbal sprays and carefully crafted diatribes.
Since they began in 1995, Peabody has released four albums - Professional Againster (2002), The New Violence (2005), Prospero (2008) and now Loose Manifesto (2010). They’ve also released several singles and EPs; toured nationally and internationally; played the Big Day Out, Homebake, Livid, Come Together and Essential festivals; shared stages with You Am I, Youth Group, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Mess Hall, Dappled Cities, Midnight Juggernauts, and The Hard Ons; been on the radio, not been on the radio, been popular, unpopular, cool to dislike, and trendy to love.

With the release of their latest album Loose Manifesto, Peabody prove that after all this time, they’ve still got what it takes. Come and make up your own mind about the album. Don’t miss them launch the long player at a venue near you.
Loose Manifesto album launch tour
Thursday 28 October
Harp Hotel, Wollongong
Supported by The Solid Gold Bastards and Dictaphone Blues (NZ)
Friday 29 October
Yah Yah’s, Fitzroy
Supported by The Rostovs and Dictaphone Blues (NZ)
Friday 5 November
The Annandale Hotel, Annandale
Supported by Step-Panther, Dictaphone Blues (NZ) and No Art
Saturday 6 November
Phoenix Bar, Canberra
Supported by Super Best Friends and Dictaphone Blues (NZ)
Friday 12 November
Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle
Supported by Sister Jane and I Am The Agent
Saturday 13 November
Gearins Hotel, Katoomba
Supported by Sister Jane and I Am The Agent
Saturday 20 November
Ric’s Cafe, Fortitude Valley
Supported by Sister Jane
Praise for Loose Manifesto:
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 “There’s a nihilistic bent to Loose Manifesto that is genuinely engrossing” Rolling Stone
“Loose Manifesto is all over the place and scattered ....A richly inventive collage that pieces together to form a genuine piece of art” Inpress 4/5
“When Loose Manifesto isn’t wallowing in a barren drone, it’s dredging up its own disaffected bile with a shambolic, seething punkish intensity.” Triple J Magazine 7/10
“It becomes futile to presage this album. This is an exceptional collection of songs structured in such a way as to leave you vaguely reeling. Go with it.”  The Wax Conspiracy
 “Peabody have loosened up, tightened up and made a record that shows they are still capable of surprising” Drum Media Sydney
 “No Aussie act does it quite like Peabody” The AU Review
 “Peabody are right: meaning is about as rare in contemporary society as integrity in the right wing of the NSW Labor Party. But when you’ve got a band like Peabody creating records like this, forget about false meaning and lost direction and just listen to the music. It’s your only hope.” Beat
"The lyrics are intelligent, clear and don’t ever make me want to cough up lunch with their pseudo-cleverness". RHUM 4/5

“Peabody hit album number four in fine health with no sign of slowing down” The Dwarf
Peabody’s Loose Manifesto is out now on Peabrain Recordings via MGM Distribution.
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