Havana Brown releases debut single 'We Run The Night'

Havana Brown always planned on being a singer - it’s just becoming a world-famous DJ kind of got in the way. Brown has just released her sizzling debut single ‘We Run The Night’ which debuted at #7 on the ARIA singles chart, soaring to #3 on the iTunes singles chart and was the fifth most added track to radio this week (The Music Network). The equally scorching video will premiere online this week.

A certified dancefloor detonator, ‘We Run The Night’ is as epic as it is euphoric, with an insanely infectious breakdown that’s guaranteed to throw the crowd into overdrive. Co-written and produced by dance duo More Mega, the track is the perfect introduction to the talents and tastes of Brown.

“It’s created for both the clubs and the radio,” she reveals. “That was really important for me and it was very difficult to pull off. As for the track, it’s about how music makes me feel.”

Brown says her vast experience as a DJ playing other people’s tunes has also had a huge impact on how she approaches her own. After working the club circuit for three years, Brown became the first female DJ in Australia to sign a major label record deal with Universal Music in 2008, released her first mix CD, Crave, and topped the year off opening for the Pussycat Dolls on their promo tour.

The Dolls’ management were so impressed with her DJ-with-dancers show, they asked her back for their full tour in 2009. And as word spread, Brown found herself supporting the cream of the pop crop, including Rihanna, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga and was hand-picked by Britney Spears herself as the sole support act throughout the Europe and Australian leg of the Circus tour.

Since then, Brown’s star has only gotten brighter. These days, she boasts weekly radio mixup shows in Australia and abroad (on the popular Radio FG France dance network), has sold over 150,000 copies of her Crave series (now up to Volume 5) and played events as dazzling and diverse as the official Grammy's After Party and the Singapore F1 Grand Prix alongside Beyonce and the Black Eyed Peas.

Brown’s career as a jet-setting DJ has been nothing short of dazzling, but now she's ready to shine in a whole new light. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Havana Brown the artist.