Edward Guglielmino releases free live album! Download it here.

With a lengthy period between studio visits, Brisbane’s Edward Guglielmino has bridged the record release gap by unleashing his first ever live record Live In Cori’s Backyard. Released exclusively via his Bandcamp page, Guglielmino is offering the record for free for the month of December only as an early Christmas present for fans and music lovers alike.

Recorded late last year during a series of gigs held in the backyard of Brisbane’s Corinna Scanlon, the show strips back the Guglilemino sound to its bare bones and lets the intimacy of the surroundings dictate quite the stunning atmosphere. It was captured live by friend and engineer Anthony Pink and features musicians Matt Redlich (guitars, backing vocals) and Nicoletta Panebianco (keys, vocals) while the setlist not only draws from his much-acclaimed Late At Night album but also unveils three brand new songs – ‘Margaret’, ‘Swam In The Water’ and ‘Lately Speaks The Shadows’.

Guglielmino has just entered the studio with Brisbane producer Jamie Trevaskis to work on tracks for a forthcoming album release, the first since the Magoo-produced, stand alone single ‘Settle Down With Me’ and 2008’s Late At Night album. The new album is slotted for a mid-2011 release but, in the meantime, download Live In Cori’s Backyard now for free: