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Photo Gallery: Anything Goes - Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House (Performances to 31st October)

the AU's Nathan Atkins was there at the new production of Cole Porter’s classic musical comedy Anything Goes to bring us these awesome snaps. Starring Caroline O’Connor and Todd McKenney, this dynamic, high-energy musical is one of Australia’s hottest new hits of the season. Click through for the full gallery.

Photo Gallery: Sydney Contemporary 2015 - Carriageworks, Redfern (10.09.15 to 13.09.15)

Today, Sydney Contemporary returns to Carriageworks for as 90 galleries across 14 different countries come together for a massive display of thoughtful and provoking contemporary art. It's Australasia's largest and most diverse gathering of Australian and international galleries and it only take place every two years. Here is what you can expect as the event occupies Carriageworks from today Thursday 10th September to Sunday 13th September. Photos by Nathan Atkins for the AU review.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas Recap: Naomi Klein "Capitalism and the Climate" - Sydney Opera House (05.09.15)

“When you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

Author, filmmaker and activist Naomi Klein didn't shy away from her displeasure with capitalism at her Festival of Dangerous Ideas talk "Capitalism and the Climate".

Eating with the AU: Friday Lunch at The Devonshire - Surry Hills (Sydney)

The Devonshire in Surry Hills has long been a favourite for food critics and discerning diners alike, with the food awarded Chef Jeremy Bentley creates attracting constant, and consistent, acclaim. The hatted-restaurant remains modest, housed in a re-purposed terrace with nothing but a few stools out front facing some old apartments and the nearby Ward Park. It's certainly not a front you'd expect to find such a celebrated dining spot, but as soon as you walk through that door you are met with a stunning, classical restaurant with clothed tables and an air of elegance, balanced out with a quirky, playful feature wall that is fitted with several mismatched vintage mirrors.

Photo Gallery: Dave Graney 'n' The Coral Snakes - Newtown Social Club, Sydney (04.09.15)

Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes enthralled an enthusiastic crowd at a jam-packed Newtown Social Club. The fans were treated to a rendition of the 1993 breakthrough album, Night of the Wolverine, amongst other songs, as well as some highly entertaining banter. Jonathan Armstrong brings you these photos.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas Recap: Peter Greste "Journalistic Freedom" - Sydney Opera House (05.09.15)

"I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy... but it’s brought you all here today."

Peter Greste knows that journalists don’t have the best reputation at the moment. He even puts them up with used car salesmen and politicians in public opinion. But all jokes aside, Greste spoke at this year’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas for a reason: his work as a journalist saw him locked up in Egyptian prison for 400 days.

Live Review: Methyl Ethyl - Newtown Social Club, Sydney (03.09.15)

They’ve been coined “the next Tame Impala” and aside from sharing a home city of Perth, Methyl Ethyl are experiencing a similar national hype with the former. The three-piece played to a packed room at Sydney’s Newtown Social Club, following a performance at the weekend's Volumes Festival. Despite the crowd, they remained humble and ran their seamless set like a support act, with no encore.

Theatre Review: Thank You For Being a Friend - Glen St Theatre, Sydney (Performances to 6th September)

The Golden Girls ran on television screens from 1985 – 1992, and was one of the top ten highest rating programs for six out of it’s seven seasons. While being a prime time sitcom, the show was also known for breaking new ground, not only for it’s older, all female ensemble, but also for it’s discussion of then taboo topics including gay rights, pre milf-era female sexuality, and gender politics. This live tribute sees the 4 main characters presented as puppets, with a near-perfect representation of the TV house on stage. The late 80s cane furniture, rustic wood-grain kitchen and frilled lampshades set the mood perfectly alongside the pastel outfits of some elegantly designed puppets.

Sydney Burger Spotlight: 'Burgers by Josh' residency at Hashtag Burger - Cafe Lounge (Surry Hills)

Burgers by Josh Residency at Hashtag Burger – Café Lounge (Surry Hills)

Burger season has been here for a while now. Hunting for incredible creations of bread, a patty and sauce are occupying your social media feeds and conversations at a high rate. This past August, Sydney’s most notorious burger chef, Josh Arthurs, was hosted in a month long residency at Café Lounge by Hashtag Burgers. Check out all four of Josh’s creations here…

Eating with the AU: Dining around King Street Wharf (Sydney)

It was a wet and windy evening when we made our way down to Darling Harbour for our foodie tour of King Street Wharf. From what I had gathered beforehand, it was going to be a bit of a bloggers bar crawl but instead of a drink at each place, we’d be sampling the diverse culinary treats the wharf has to offer. Needless to say, I had had a light lunch and was seriously looking forward to what the Wharf had in store for us.

Live Review: 112 + Adam Katz - Metro Theatre (29.08.15)

There has been an enthusiastic push of late 90's/early 00's R&B and hip hop nostalgia in Australia as of late. Just recently Ja Rule and Ashanti, two performers who haven't really made any noise for almost a decade now, managed to surprisingly sell out the Enmore Theatre as well as many other venues on their nation-wide tour. Now comes 112, another big part of that period that hasn't been heard from for awhile, and another act selling out shows across the country.

Live Review and Photos: Volumes Music Festival (Part Two) - Oxford Square, Oxford Street, Sydney (29.08.15)

Usually Oxford Street at 4 o’clock in the arvo boasts nothing more than a few old guys having a VB at the local pub, and maybe a couple of loud and obnoxious girls with penis paraphernalia going out for a hens night. You can imagine how shocked they’d have been this past Saturday when Oxford Square was flooded with hundreds of music enthusiasts, transforming the street into the new music festival to keep an eye on, VOLUMES.

Live Review: Volumes Music Festival (Part One) - Oxford Square, Oxford Street, Sydney (29.08.15)

Volumes festival showcased a whole lot of talent by taking over Oxford Art Factory, Brighton Up Bar and The Cliff Dive from the mid afternoon through until late Saturday night. Click through for our full review...

Eating with the AU: Bloody Mary's - Darlinghurst (Sydney)

Casual diner Bloody Mary's has already established itself as one of the essential hangs on Darlinghurst's busy Victoria Street, especially on Sundays when everyone is low and hungover; you can probably guess why. The Bloody Mary cocktail - obviously their specialty - is often seen as the number one hangover cure in the world, and spending half a Sunday Session recovering here has certainly become popular for the locals. It makes sense; Bloody Mary's has a very attractive, very inviting fit-out that's spacious while still designed to accommodate the high demand. The courtyard out back has an energetic set up and is full of bright, natural light - perfect for the ol' instagram, and for injecting life back into the lifeless. This is where my guest and I post up for a mid-afternoon feast, taking two spots at an oval shaped, communal table with fresh greenery in the middle.

Live Review: Darren Middleton + Sahara Beck - The Vanguard, Sydney (28.08.15)

It’s always nice to see that, regardless of time, there are some Australian artists who continue to perform and remain mesmerising to watch each time you see them. Whether you saw Darren Middleton onstage with his former band Powderfinger. Or during the short-lived days of his earlier side-project band Drag. Or more recently flying solo under his own name. Each time he has been able to bring a little charm and charisma to the stage. Tonight was no exception.