Israel Cannan 'Walk' Album Launch - The Vanguard (28.08.10)


You may know him as Scotty from the film ‘Newcastle’ or even as ‘Wazza’ from some sporadic appearances on Home and Away. However, if you don’t know him at all, chances are he won’t be staying too anonymous – Israel Cannan is definitely a name to be looking out for.

Israelperformed tracks from his brand new CD, Walk, to a very excited and enthusiastic Sydney crowd. Walk was the product of a journey around Australia, with Israel playing in streets of numerous cities and country towns.

Now, I think I could possibly gush for pages about the live performance I witnessed, but to put it simply: if Israel Cannan is ever playing in a place nearby, you do not want to miss out. Not only was his performance amazing, vocally and musically, but his easygoing joking nature and banter with the crowd made him even more enjoyable to watch. And judging by crowd participation, especially from some heckling friends, and drunkenly dancing girls, I wasn’t the only one having a good time.


Cannan’s vocals were spot on for the majority of the night, and his singing style natural and effortless. While most of the tracks from Walk are melodic and acoustic style songs, it was a great experience to see them live with a different kind of energy and style thrown in. "The Revolution Fight" (possibly one of my favourite tracks from the album) was changed up a bit in pace, instrumentally and vocally, and this added a nice, diverse effect – although I possibly like the slower version better, it was entertaining to watch nonetheless.

Another highlight was the song from first album Poets Corner, "A New Destination". With some random improvisation thrown in (‘My band hates me right now... We’ve spent four or five weeks practicing, and I start making it up’) and crowd participation encouraged, and at an all time high, it was definitely a fun and energetic performance to watch, and was great to hear a track from the first record.

Cannan changed it up a bit throughout the show, even at one point rocking it out on the drums.


With the band disappearing temporarily, Israel performed a couple of new tracks, written while on the Walk journey. With the instrumentation stripped down completely, Cannan proved just how talented he is vocally, with the crowd probably being the quietest it had been all night, caught up within the magic of the music.

The band rejoined again (eventually, after Israel called for them a couple times, and then introduced us to his ‘imaginary’ band) for a couple more final songs, with the concert ending on title track "Walk", possibly one of the most beautiful acoustic songs I have heard in a while. Concluding the night, and concluding the story of his journey, Israel exited the stage. I think I can safely say I won’t be the only one anticipating another show in Sydney as soon as possible.


Like I said, if Israel Cannan is ever playing in a city near you, you do not want to miss out!

Walk can be bought on itunes, or a signed copy can be purchased at:

Photos by Grant Molony