Live Review: Twin Lakes + Shady Lane + Gnome + Village Echoes - The Standard, Sydney (17.10.13)

twin lakes

It was eerie to see Oxford street almost deserted with the blanket of smoke from the bushfires hanging over the city. I figure if we’re going to go down in flames, may as well be doing something you love and as I love live music, The Standard was a good place to hide out.

Tonight was headlines by Newcastle/Sydney locals Twin Lakes. On the back of a new single "Glacier", the five piece demonstrated the exceptional talents within the band. Weaving melodic guitars swirled around the songs backed by two, three and sometimes four part harmonies which gave the band a Beach Boys feel mixed with Radiohead’s lingering refrains. Their single "Glacier" has a grandiose feel to it. Soaring emotion, it’s a great indie rock tune. The band also performed a brand new track "The Urgent Field" with a fun, boppy bass line and pop qualities in its overall sound. The accompanying visuals projected behind the band added to the musical element delivering a all round packaged performance.

Supporting Twin Lakes were Village Echoes. A young band with a very mature sound. Similar to Twin Lakes with weaving soundscapes mixed with a healthy dose of indie rock. The track "Horizons" was a stand out with its upbeat vibe to get the old toes tapping along. Gnome were slow to start, with the small crowd not quite sure how to respond at first, but as their set progressed, the predominately synth/keyboard tunes captured their attention. Ethereal vocals floating underneath innocent keys and synth loops, the best way to describe their sound is to take rave dance music and slow it right down and you get an idea. Shady Lane followed the same mould of ground indie pop/rock. There were moments where the band and the songs really clicked and there were moments it felt a bit formulated, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Overall, despite the small turn out, it was an enjoyable little night. I couldn’t think of a better way to escape the smell of the fires out west by catching some cool local bands.