The Amity Affliction + Asking Alexandria + Skyway + Sienna Skies – Big Top (09.10.11)

As I followed the crowds of Tattooed kids down to Luna Park, I was greeted to a massive 300m line. Only two years ago The Amity Affliction were playing to a 100 people in small venues, now they are selling out the Big Top; almost 3000 people busting down the doors to see the national heroes! What an achievement!

I just made it in time to catch Sienna Skies. They started off pretty shaky but grew stronger as the crowd responded positively. The Sydney based band worked the audience well, even opening up a circle pit during their short set. It was clear the local boys have a great fan base, they got the crowd jumping and singing, doing everything an opening band would hope to achieve.

Next up was Skyway, a 5 piece Pop Punk band from the Gold Coast. They pumped out standout tracks like “Birthdays” from their debut full length Finders Keepers along with my favourite: a fun, upbeat cover of Tracy Chapmans “Fast Cars”.

With the help of Troy from The Amity Affliction, the boys came through for the hardcore crowd with “You Promised the World, But Brought me an Atlas”; a hardcore influenced song with a heavy breakdown for all those kids hanging out for one! Skyway did very well considering they were the only pop punk band on a predominantly Hardcore line up.

Asking Alexandria are a UK based Hardcore band who absolutely know how to put on a show. The band brought the heavy breakdowns, synchronised head banging and the odd melodic hardcore song. The group opened up a total of three circle pits and one wall of death: Insanity! However, there was a lot of encouragement for crowd violence which I thought was a little over the top for an AA show - I hope St Johns were on hand! Apart from that, It was obvious Sydney loves Asking Alexandria, the crowd was crazy for them the whole set!

This was my first time seeing The Amity Affliction live and the very first thing I noticed was how amazing Ahren Stringer (Clean Vocals) sounds live. Incredible! Completely on key the whole time, JUST like the CD. All the years of touring have paid off because these guys were incredibly tight too.

The Amity Affliction played songs from both Full length albums such as “Snitches get Stitches”, “Fire or Knife” and “Anchors”. The whole big top had their arms in the air for the atmospheric hardcore ballad “Dr. Thunder”, and their encore "I Hate Hartley" went down a treat.

For what Asking Alexandria brought in Violence, The Amity Affliction made up for with a positive message. There was a “Wall of High Fives” and requests of “No Fighting during the set”.

The whole crowd, from the front row all the way to the top of the stands, were absolutely in love with this band and they deserve all the success they have earned.