Live Review: Silverstein + Sienna Skies + Caulfield + Ghosts On Broadway - The Manning Bar (19.03.13)


I left tonight's show wondering if crowds were becoming tired of going to shows or of metalcore as a genre. With the exception to the response to headliners, Canada’s Silverstein, the punters at the Manning Bar lacked a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Two things synonymous with metalcore music.

Six piece Ghosts On Broadway tried to get the crowd pumped up with a tight and heavy set. The twin vocals worked like a tag team to deliver some punch into their tracks. However the near dead silence in between songs was making it difficult for them to deliver a standout set. Their "Woe Is Me" cover was the highlight along with the bassists uncanny resemblance to Justin Bieber.

Caulfield were lead into the lions den by their vocalist Mahan, who looks like a sweet innocent young lad who would sing in a church choir. Instead he ripped out some of the most demonic vocals I've heard in a long time that would put many death metal singers to shame! At some points you could see his frustration at the lack of response from the crowd. Prowling the stage screaming for people to move and come closer. The best it got was some polite applause and a couple of people down the front dancing.

Perhaps by the time Sienna Skies hit the stage, the alcohol had kicked and they received a better response from the crowd. The six piece have more melodic edge to their music which seemed to go over better with the crowd. More people moved to the floor and there was cheers after songs which was a change of pace. In fairness, the band belted out a great set, with quality tunes. It would be hard pressed to not get involved.

Halfway throughSilverstein’s set, watching the crowd, I think I hit upon why the response had been so lackluster for the support bands. The crowd were conserving energy. From the opening riff to the final goodnights, the crowd went hard at it. There was mosh pits, circle pits, wall of death and crowd surfers up in the air at two, three, four at a time. It was like a new crowd had come in and replaced the old one. I found myself more in awe of the audience’s change of mood then Silverstein’s set!

The band whipped us into a frenzy with nice mix of tracks off the new record This Is How The Wind Shifts and older tunes from the first couple of albums. Their short, explosive set, saved the night from being a bomb and proved the popularity of the band in this country.