Regurgitator + Rat Vs. Possum + Laneous & The Family Yah - Manning Bar (25.09.2010)


As part of the Sydney Fringe Festival
program. Regurgitator played the Manning Bar supported by Laneous & The Family Yah, and Rat vs. Possum.

Laneous are a seven-piece outfit from
Brisbane. They evoke a very strong, early Red Hot Chilli Peppers vibe
and their costuming clashes with striking styles of flannelette,
bowler hats, berets and beards. The only two people dressed in
seemingly the same fashion were the band's “doo-whop girls” who
possessed as strong, physical and emotional vocals as they did urban
fashion sense.

Musically, Laneous had an ambitious
eclectic repertoire, with various styles and genres explored, and
often during the same song. This prowess should be applauded. Whilst
each tempo, or key change wasn't flawless, their energy and obvious
joyful stage presence provided a crowd pleasing opening act.

This vibe was brutalised by the main
support act Rat vs. Possum who looked and sounded every bit the
Kraftwerk cover band, replacing laptops with computers overlayed by
screeching Asian female vocals. If this reviewer had his way, Possum would have opened the show and Laneous would have been the main
support, or Possum left off the bill completely.

It is often the case that you find a
gem of a support act that sometimes overshadows the headliners and
that may well have been the case here with Regurgitator. In the
'Gurg's twelve or so year history, when for the most part people are
surprised they are still around, it shows that even when you're still
turning out albums that no one has heard of, and the hard core fans
are the only ones who know any of the songs, the boys have progressed
but not in a positive way. 

Unit is still their most popular release
and the example of their finest work. Their set provided the welcome
distraction of a visual installation playing in conjunction with the
set, though the gravel-rock sounds that made up the most part of
their set did not sustain this reviewer's interest. "Polyester Girl" for all it represents as their anti-commercialism anthem was their
most rapturous performance of their set, aside from the stupidly
titled "I Will Lick Your A****le". Seriously, the band's career is in
the toilet, and you know what they say: “when it's brown flush