Live Review: Loon Lake - Spectrum, Sydney (09.10.13)

Loon Lake are touring to promote their debut album Gloamer, and they brought their fun, energetic pop along to the Spectrum in Sydney to celebrate.

It was party time when Loon Lake walked out on stage to the dedicated fans assembled at Spectrum. The Melbourne five-piece just managed to fit on the tiny stage and proceeded to own it until the end of the night.

While there were a few moments of disappointment with some sound issues, the band shuffled through their set easily and without any fuss. They managed to get the crowd moving early on, something that is uncommon in Sydney and perhaps also uncommon on a Wednesday night. The people here were definitely out to have a good time and it showed – there was a real connection between the audience and the band throughout the show.

Lead singer Sam Nolan’s voice was in great form, and even though he had to battle it out with the guitars in parts of the show, he kept it clear and measured throughout the set. The band’s energy and enthusiasm for playing live was obvious, and really helped to make the night enjoyable for everyone. There were a lot of smiles out on display in this set, and the good mood was contagious.

There were some obvious standouts, ‘On Fire’ caused a lot of hip-shaking and booty-popping; ‘Carolina’, with its catchy guitar riff and big chorus, got a huge reception; but the biggest standout of the night was definitely ‘Cherry Lips’. It caused a mass sing along and a whole lot of clapping which brought a huge smile to the bands’ faces. There’s nothing better than seeing a band realise how popular one of their songs is while they’re playing it live.

Loon Lake showed us they’re a band to watch and are definitely destined for great things. It’ll be interesting and fun to see how they develop their skills and become even better over time.