Hello Asia! Live Review: Leehom Wang [Music Man II] - Sydney Entertainment Centre (06.04.13)

Before I get started on this review, let me just say that those who decided not to attend LeeHom Wang’s concert last night may have just made the biggest mistake of their life!

Leehom Wang held his first ever Sydney concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. With the show being close to sold out, the night started when the music man appeared before his fans in an all red costume singing his latest song 'Open Fire’, followed by ‘Descendants of the Dragon’ and ‘The One and Only’.

The night continued as the music prodigy serenaded the crowd with ‘Heartbeat’ on piano, ‘Julia’ on violin, ‘At a Faraway Place’ on erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument, and ‘Heroes of Earth’ and ‘Mistake Made in the Flower Field’ on his customized dragon guitar.

My favourite act of the night would, hands down, be the acapella number where Wang sang of some of his hit songs with six other versions of himself on video. Not only was he able to showcase his smooth vocals which made his fans, male and female alike, swoon as it vibrated throughout the stadium, but his fans were also able to see his joking and goofy side as he argued with his other selves.

Leehom’s kind and caring heart was revealed through a World Vision video of him helping out those in need in Sierra Leone. The star then re-emerged on stage with the choir group from Ming Der Chinese School. As they proceeded to sing a duet of his song ‘Love on My Mind’, Leehom sneakily held the hand of the choir’s leader fueling many jealous hearts (mine included)!

While this would be a memorable night to most fans, for two particular fans, it was a night they would never forget as Leehom helped one of his fans propose to his long-term girlfriend! He then jumped into the crowd congratulate and dedicated ‘Forever Love’ to the newly engaged couple!

Despite having sang close to 30 songs, already performed his encore stage and having his band and back-up singers retire for the night, his fans refused to leave the arena and so Leehom had no choice but to sing a couple more songs without the help of any music and finally ending the night with the same song that opened the concert.

It was extremely hard to see this 36 year old baby face go after what may have been one of the best three hours of my life! And clearly, I and the rest of the female audience were not the only ones suffering from music man withdrawal as the male fans too, have fallen prey to this man’s charms as I heard more proclamations of love from males than I did females.