Live Review: Jedward - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (01.12.13)

When bubbly, blonde-haired twins John and Edward Grimes, known by their stage name Jedward, jump (quite literally) out on stage wearing blue sequin jackets and massive smiles, it's kind of impossible not to smile back.

There was an energetic vibe at the Enmore Theatre as the enthusiastic all-ages audience pushed their way to the front of the dance floor, anticipating what was sure to be a colourful and vibrant show. Within no time at all, the familiar opening notes to “I Love It” by Icona Pop radiated throughout the theatre and Jedward appeared, resulting in a huge cheer from the crowd. Their performance was packed to the brim with acrobatics, synchronised dance moves and a lot of jumping around. They took on everything from covers of popular songs such as “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People and Justin Bieber's “Boyfriend” (in which the boys got to show off their rather impressive rapping skills) to originals including the high energy “Bad Behaviour” and “Get Up And Dance”. Each song was as dynamic as the last and not once did either John or Edward lose their enthusiasm.

The long, two and a half hour set was broken up by witty intervals where John and Edward would take a break from singing and simply talk to the audience. They told stories, made Harry Potter references, had pillow fights, and (much to the audience's delight) twerked.

Their set was a little clunky at times, particularly when the pair sat down with a guitar to play some acoustic songs. It was clear that plucking along to One Direction's “Little Things” wasn't exactly their forte, as the timing got a little rough and they had to restart the song after some slip ups. However, being the delightful pair that they are, John and Edward simply laughed it off and made it work, which only added to the chilled out and friendly atmosphere that their performance provided.

There were some incredibly memorable moments within their set. During their performance of Enrique Iglesias' “Hero” they encouraged the members of the audience to turn to the person next to them and give them a hug, which they did. Their cover of Coldplay's “Fix You” was performed incredibly well, with beautifully executed harmonies which warmed the hearts of all who were watching. “Waterline”, which they originally performed in 2012 for Eurovision, had the floor shaking due to the sheer amount of people that couldn't help but dance (including one particularly enthusiastic security guard). But overall, the most impressive and memorable aspect of their set had to be their ability to dance so well in skinny jeans. How they managed to pull that one off will forever be a mystery.

Finally, the set was closed with their catchy hit “Lipstick”, which ended the night with a bang. Overall, Jedward did an incredible job at delivering a high-energy and entertaining performance. The atmosphere was friendly, fun and relaxed, and not a moment went by where there wasn't at least one person grinning from ear to ear due to the sheer positivity that Jedward's presence created. In the end, all that can really be said is that the night was truly 'Jepic'.