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Jebediah + The Novocaines - The Annandale Hotel (09.12.10)

Jebediah, annandale hotel

On Thursday, I jumped down to the Annandale Hotel to catch Jebediah (one of my favorite bands from my early teens) and The Novocaines (my favorite live band of late). I was tentative – a bad show from either band would crush dreams I’ve had since I was a child.

The Novocaines rocked. I’m struggling to find words that describe the intensity of their show without sounding like a dirty fan boy – but I think maybe its impossible. The Novocaines are an amazing live act, they merge blues, rock, and every dream about being a rockstar into their live show.

Corey Marriot is aggressive and demanding whilst still wooing all the ladies (and some of the gentlemen) in the crowd. Jay Marriot delivers a seemingly unholy bluesy shred and has a chaotic stage presence. Steve Turnock, Karlin Courtney and Liam Young are the rhythm section – but they're so much more than that. Chemistry like this is beyond words, and beyond amazing

This show is probably the best I’ve seen them play this year. They owned the small stage, and the growing crowd. I’ve never been disappointed by their live show, but this set was incredible. See The Novocaines or quit live music, join a convent, and regret your life choices.

Every second of the wait from The Novocaines til Jebediah was heavy with anticipation. The Annandale was packed front to back, but I managed to push through the crowd right before Jebediah started. Covered in sweat, surrounded by sweaty dancers, I felt about 15 years old again – and when Jebediah started, it was 1997 once more.

They were great. Everything you could possibly want from one of Australia’s greatest punk rock acts. They still have passion for their music, and it doesn’t seem forced or fake. They’re real performers – and it really does take you back all those years.

If anything, that was my problem with it. The music hasn’t changed, and neither have their attitudes. It’s awesome, refreshing and challenging – but you have to question whether or not they’re still “Leaving Home”.

That said, I wish that it had gone on for longer. They’re all consummate performers, and know exactly how to work a crowd. Their encore was tasteful and demanded – and it still didn’t satisfy my hankering for the years before the millenium.

Jebediah are still great, The Novocaines are still great - and so is The Annandale. One of my top gig's of 2010, it's a shame if you missed out.