Hello Asia! Live Review: Jolin Tsai [Myself] - The Star Event Centre (19.02.13)

Taiwan’s dancing diva Jolin Tsai has finally made her long awaited return to Sydney since her previous concert at the Entertainment Centre 7 years ago. Though the venue has changed to The Star this time, her Australian fan base has proven to be as strong and loyal as ever as despite this year’s concert being held on a weeknight at an 18+ venue, the show was close to being sold out!

Similarly with Jeff Chang’s concert, the show started off with a traditional dragon dance to celebrate the new years, followed by Jolin’s dance crew to warm up the stage before the star herself appeared before our eyes wearing a stunning white and gold embellished costume performing her latest track ‘The Great Artist’.

Jolin has definitely lived up to her title as the dancing diva as she danced and sang her way through 27 of her hit songs showcasing her decade long career (15 years to be precise). What amazed me was the while most singers would be sweating and out of breath after the first few songs, I did not notice a single drop of sweat on the star, nor did she go a single syllable out of tune which reminded me of the singer’s ‘perfectionist’ attitude and the obvious fact that Jolin is definitely no ordinary pop star.

During the two hours, the diva had almost a dozen costume changes with each costume being more glamorous and unique than the last – though there were numerous times throughout the night where I questioned her dancers’ costumes (or lack thereof). But hey, who’s complaining? Not me, that’s for sure!

Throughout the night Jolin constantly interacted and joked around with her fans and even stopping herself midway through sentences in order to hear what her fans have to say. The diva also got around to shaking her fans’ hands and asking them to stand up and ‘party’ with her. She even took notice of one of her hardcore fans who knew every word of every one of her songs.

Although I haven’t listened to her work for a couple of years now, I found myself subconsciously singing along to songs which I didn’t even realise I knew the lyrics to! This concert was definitely worth the seven year wait and credits must be given to Chinatown Cinema for bringing this talented artist back. I am definitely digging up my Jolin collection after tonight!