Arts Review: Flickerfest Award Ceremony - Bondi Pavilion (20.01.13)

The 22nd annual Bondi Short Film Festival culminated in a night with awards and accolades followed by a screening of some of the best short films from the festival. A packed theatre at the The Pavilion was on hand to support the fine talent of writers, producers, directors and filmmakers in an festival that has gained international recognition with entries up for consideration in the next year's Oscar Awards.

The winners on the night were:

The Green Flicks Award for Best Environmental Film
High recommendations went to Wild Things and Ten Thousand Trees but decided by a coin toss (according to one of the judges)
Winner: The Mono Lakes Story

The Jungle Software Award for Highly Recommended Documentary
Winner: The Ambassador And Me

The Flickerfest Award for Best Short Documentary
Winner: Crossed Out

The SBS television award with the winners film being shown on SBS TV
Winner: A First Date

The Huzzah Sound Award for Best Sound In A Short Film
Winner: Suspended

Avid Award for Best Editing In A Short Film
Winner: Yardbird

The Miller Australia Award for Best Cinematography
Winner: Denson Baker for Suspended

The Canon Award for Best Direction In A Short Film
Winner: Mirrah Foulkes for Dumpy Goes To The Big Smoke

The SAE Award for Best Use Of Digital Technology
Winner: Centrifuge Brain Project

The Yoram Gross Award for Best Animation - Academy Accredited
Winner: Edmond Was A Donkey

The Flickerfest Best Australian Short Film - Academy Accredited
Winner: Yardbird

The Renault Best International Short Film - Academy Accredited
Winner: Tiger Boy

The night finished with four of the winners films. First was the animated Edmond Was A Donkey, about a small, somewhat outsider of a man with a loving wife. He's the best at his job, though is also the brunt of office pranks, yet when his co workers put donkey ears on his head, Edmond begins to change. He begins to believe he really is a donkey. A unique tale.

Next was Yardbirds, another unique story, featuring a girl with a special gift, locked away in a junkyard by her father. When town thugs come to harass her father, she uses her gift to end their torment.

International winner Tiger Boy was the film of the evening. A young boy finds inspiration in a local wrestler to overcome his own tormentor; a school principal who has taken a disturbing interest in the boy.

Finally was A First Date. The shortest of the films, at around 8 minutes, detailed the awkwardness of first dates from an online dating service and the main character's long search for "the one". This lighthearted film was the winner of the SBS award.

The night made me wish I had the opportunity to see more of the films that had been submitted to this year's competition, but the fact that films from all around the world submit to this festival is a testament to the popularity and respect the festival has. Flickerfest will tour the best films in a 46 date tour across the country. If you get the chance, be sure to check out the talent displayed within this short films.