Live Review: Deez Nuts - Bald Faced Stag, Sydney (28.07.13)

deez nuts

The show ended with the venue pulling the plug on the band half way through "Band Of Brothers", which resulted in the crowd finishing the song off for the band. And in all honestly it was a fitting way to end the night.

The band managed to rip through a thirty-five minute set before they were told to cut it short and then ninety seconds into the last track the sound was cut. Earlier in the set, JJ Peters was asked to politely tell the rabid crowd to refrain from stage diving. In his words, "I can't tell you to not stage dive if the power of the music compels you to do it". The power and force of Deez Nuts hardcore punk style is perfect for circle pits, moshing and stage diving. The endless stream of people climbing up on stage to sing along and dive off really wasn't hurting anyone. Especially seeing security was throwing them out towards the end, but no one got hurt. We were all having fun, partying with one of best hardcore bands running around in this country.

Playing mostly jams from this year's Bout It record, with a few old school favorites because, as JJ said, "Because no one likes the new shit!" which couldn't be further from the truth. Evident in the final accapella of "Band Of Brothers", a song about unity and sticking together in trying circumstances, none unlike tonight's show.

As rowdy and as raucous the show and crowd were, when told to leave we all did with little fanfare or fuss, again, proving that the venue and security were too hasty in shutting the show down. It made me wonder if the bookers for the venue even bothered to find out what Deez Nuts shows entailed, before agreeing to let them play. Surely this wasn't the first band to have stage divers at the Stag; what resulted was an over reaction to poor planning and the ruining of a great show.

I dare say Deez Nuts won't be invited back to the Bald Faced Stag anytime soon and, as a punter, I doubt I will either if that's the way they treat live music and paying fans.