Live Review: Cradle Of Filth + The Amenta + Psynonemous - The Hi-Fi, Sydney (11.05.13)

cradle of filth

My days of being into death/black metal are long gone but the 16 year old Jason couldn't pass up an opportunity to see Cradle Of Filth live. Back in the day they were one of my favourite bands, combining sheer brutality with symphonic overtures and wonderful gothic imagery.

Competition winners Psynonemous opened with a brutal head kick of death metal riffs and demonic growls. What lesson I took from their set is something all music genres and fans could learn from, the place was near full for the opening act. Most of the time the first band gets a dozen or so people who pretty ignore them for conversations. Not in metal. Everyone paid them the respect of watching and listening and appreciating their music. I think we can learn from that.

The Amenta came on stage and for forty minutes they possessed our collective souls. A ferocious display of black metal from the four piece from Sydney. They were brutal, unrelenting and completely enthralling. The front mans demonic presence could strike fear into mortal men. Their performance was off the Richter scale. I was equally impressed and scared.

Resplendent in corpsepaint and leather Cradle Of Filth was met with a thunderous roar from the crowd as diminutive front man Dani Filth unleashed that ear piercing scream to kick off their set. The band with over ten LPs and EPs worth of material to chose from, gave a blistering 90 minute set that featured more classic, older Cradle Of Filth material than tracks from last years The Manticore And Other Horrors record. Tracks like 'Funeral In Carpathia', 'Summer Dying Fast', 'Nympthetemine', 'The Forest Whispers My Name' and 'Her Ghost In The Fog'.

The band were tight and precise. Watching Paul Allander's fingers turn into a blur as they moved around the fretboard of his guitar showed how insane black metal guitarists have to be to pull of that sound. Dani was mesmerising as he prowled around the stage. His unique range of vocal screams, grunts and growls were amazing to watch. Although I'm not sure about calling us "Crazy Kookaburras" to incite a circle pit for the sets closer 'From The Cradle To Enslaved', but otherwise the show was an aural assault that left ears ringing (if not bleeding) and souls fully succumbed to the devil incarnate that was Cradle Of Filth.