Cascade - Lewisham Hotel (15.07.11)

Every now and then one may feel nostalgic needing their dose of old school hits. Even better if time could be rewinded just for a while. Sydney-based 6 piece rock band Cascade have managed to do just that. Having played at local fuctions and events covering some rock hits, Cascade have also written some original songs which they performed at the Lewisham Hotel.

The band members include brothers Oscar Chavez (vox/guitar) and Henry Chavez (bass guitar), Lucas La Spina (lead guitar/vox), Stephen Crocker (guitar/vox), Jono Nott (drums) and Gavin Wilcox (keys). Although the Lewisham Hotel saw few heads in the audience, Cascade still rocked the house down with a good balance of professionalism and class.

Unfortunately I could not make it on time to see the entire set of the first support act Vamp, however I managed to catch Swing From A Street Light. They played some rocks songs which were somewhat heavy on the ears however, the upside is that they had maintained their enthusiasm which was contagious - warmed up the crowd for the remainder of the night.

Headlining act Cascade jumped on stage where lead vocalist Oscar Chavez introduced the band members to the audience. The band played a consistent pattern of their original songs as well as cover songs ranging from various decades. Their originals were all fresh to the ear and I grew fond of them immediately.

Cascade rocked out their original song "Circles", followed by a Paul McCartney hit "Live Or Let Die". The band also managed to do an epic cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers' hit song "The Other Side", where it seemed like the original band was playing. We were introduced to another Cascade original song "The Stand" which has more of a soft rock feel to it and instantly won my heart. Another highlight was their cover of Bon Jovi's "Livin On A Prayer". Througout the entire set, Oscar manages to engage the audience with his powerful vocals.

Overall, Cascade has definitely left a positive impression where their performance became an unforgettable experience.

Cascade will be performing again at Lewisham Hotel again on Friday, 26 August at 8pm. Tickets are selling at the door for $10. Be sure to watch these guys live!

Review Score: 8/10

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