Live Review: Birds Of Tokyo + Asta + All The Colours - The Hi-Fi, Sydney (23.05.13)

birds of tokyo

Tonight’s gig was put on by a mobile phone company with competition winners and media and a few paying public all in the name of marketing and advertising for their new smart phone. Disappointed at not receiving one of these said new phones I had to be content with some awesome music instead. Four dapper young men dressed in matching white tuxedo suit jackets with plenty of swagger and groove kicked the night off. All The Colours brand of indie rock contained pretty harmonies, raucous riffs and a polished little set that impressed the early punters.

Singer Asta has an amazing, powerful voice that carries the band as they meander through the tracks. Not only was her mirror ball type dress enticing but her vocal work is very reminiscent of strong female vocalists like Bertie Blackman and Cat Power. Her songs are the stuff triple j eat up by the bucketful with indie lite pop gems.  

Birds of Tokyo mixed it up for this sponsored gig with enough songs to keep old school fans happy plus cuts from this years March Fires and the fan favorites from the self titled record. I've said this a number of times reviewing this band that 'The Gap' and 'Wild At Heart' are some of the best songs written for a live environment. But now you can throw into that mix 'White Leaves' and 'This Fire'. A beardless Ian Kenny perfects the art if white boy dancing. As the gig progresses, so does the extent of his moves like a drunk gawky teenager at a night club pounding vodka cruisers, he gets more and more confident in his dance moves taking up more and more of the stage.

As standard for a Birds Of Tokyo gig, it is visually spectacular with artistic images that suit the song displayed on screens behind the band like a screen saver. The encore of ‘Plans’ and ‘Lanterns’ erupted with cheers and the full house all singing along at the top of their lungs. Another dynamic performance by the Birds who continue to get better each time I see them.